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Anonymous: Palliative Care for Cancer


I’m going to stay anonymous because I live in federal housing. Well, die in it.

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I am in hospice care right now, at the end of my life. Cannabis is helping me with the severe pain. BUT, I also know that it has given me a lot of extra time. I was give a maximum of 3 months to live and I am almost a year now.

Since 1970, my mantra has been “I won’t back down” – just like the Tom Petty song. Still alive and kicking it! Even today, I talked to three elderly woman who were amazed at the how Medical Cannabis (won’t let ppl use negative terms like Mj or Pot etc.) has allowed me, even in severe pain, to drop all meds but one! Their eyes were ???? really?

Anyway, this is your fight now. Keep at it. The stigma must end!!!! And leave those pharma pills alone unless it’s a last resort.

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