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Bladder Pain Woke Me Every Hour Until Cannabis Stopped It


Cannabis has eased my bladder pain. Interstitial cystitis woke me every hour to go to the bathroom!  

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Being a child of the 60s, I smoked pot as a teenager. From then I just always have. I was always around me and I like how it made me feel.

My professional background is nursing. It’s a physically and mentally demanding, so when I’d get home from work, I preferred smoking pot. It never bothered me that it was illegal.

nurse holding out heart to stop bladder pain

My Good Health Changed Over 20 Years

In the late 90s was when I started with the back pain. Over the past 20 years, I have developed arthritis. And I have gone through joint replacements in both hands and both knees. I have fibromyalgia and a bladder pain from a condition called ‘interstitial cystitis.’ The last one is devastating to deal with.

Bottom line…I am always in pain. I’m also allergic to NSAIDS. I have tried glucosamine, turmeric, bromalan, and kava but never found as much relief as I did when smoking cannabis.

I had smoked cigarettes for years but then quit in 2009. That’s when I stayed away from pot for a time because it made me want to smoke cigarettes. I noticed a difference in my pain control and a real downslide in my sleeping. So, the last few years I’ve returned to pot.

bladder pain brings woman back to the bathroom

Cannabis Oil Has Changed Everything

Right now, I take a CBD oil called America Shaman. It’s a full spectrum with 10mg per 1cc. I take 1cc at bed time and am asleep within 30 minutes. The bladder pain usually keeps me going to the bathroom about every hour during the night, but with the CBD oil, I’m only up about 3 times at the most! This is HUGE for me and my overall wellbeing.

When I wake up, I am more relaxed and about 50% pain free. My doctor is totally onboard with the CBD and we are hoping that overtime it will help control the inflammation.

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