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Britt: Arthritis & Fibromyalgia


From debilitating pain and fistfuls of meds to cannabis and health…and being an engaged mom again!

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Twenty-one years ago I awoke in a pain I didn’t know existed. It took 3 years to be diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis & Fibromyalgia. Not a lot of hope was given to me, was even told I’d be in a wheelchair by 40.

Let the meds begin!! Prednisone, nope, Methotrexate, nope, Enbrel, nope. If you’ve seen the med chart at the doc’s office for Arthritis, well I’ve been on them all. Some did work for a little bit, but a max of two years then nothing. I was crawling up and down stairs, trying to raise my daughter and feeling like a failure who was doomed to be in pain forever.

One beautiful day, my uncle who had been getting cannabis from the government came by and said smoke this joint with me. I was close to giving up, thinking everyone would be better off without the burden of me…so I said what the hell.

I’ve never looked back.

I got my life back. I could walk up and down stairs. I could be the mom I wanted to be. I wasn’t feeling worthless. I had hope again.

I was 26 when that happened and I’ve used cannabis illegally since then (until recently, when I obtained my medical cannabis card). When I couldn’t afford it, or it wasn’t available, the pain returned. At one point, I was convinced by family to try a new pharmaceutical called Humira. They wanted a more permanent/consistent fix. I got 2 years and in November of 2016, it just stopped working.

I’ve decided I’m taking control. I believe Cannabis will be what saves me from the pain, the depression AND the guilt that comes with being chronically ill. I’ve had 1 week now of Critical Mass (1:1 for CBD:THC) and I don’t remember ever feeling this good.

My name is Britt Blay. I’m 44, and I’m NOT in a wheelchair. instead, I’m playing with my grandkids and I’m working in my garden. I have gotten my life back thanks to cannabis. I’m hoping now, by being strain specific, using all methods available from edibles to patches I will be Cannabis Cured!!

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