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Bruce: Chronic Pain and Cancer


This drummer has a cannabis epiphany and spends his talents on saving cancer patients.

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In the early 70s, a buddy came to school with a pipe he made in his dad’s workshop with a lathe and some fittings. I was amazed and knew right then and there that I wanted to be a machinist. I started my own business making all kind of pipes, grinders, extractors, and because I was a drummer my whole life, I made my own bass drum pedals.

Close up of Drumming

I’m now in my mid 50s, still making pedals and pipes on the side. The machine shop has now grown and family members are taking it over. My life is good except for this ankle pain from playing drums for 45+ years. I have to use a cane to get around, doctor tells me it’s arthritis and nothing they can do.

Painful Arthritis in Ankle Xray

One day in the middle of some great pain,  I took a big bong hit and felt the pain disappear in minutes. I was still not convinced pot was medicine, but then it happened again. So, I knew at that point.

I tried FECO on my dad for cancer, but felt I was using him like a lab rat just didn’t know enough about it and the dosing, but tried anyways. Since then, I have done my homework on dosing and extraction methods, strains and ratios. So, just one year ago January 15th, one of my best friends with stage 4 esophageal cancer told me they’re stopping his treatment and putting him on palliative care. He asked if I could help. I made him FECO from 1/4 pound of street weed, put into capsules with small amount of coconut oil. He took as much as he could handle (4) caps a day and in March of 2017 he was diagnosed cancer free!

In the meantime, my wife and I grow legally in MA. We extract/infuse most flower. We even put the roots in our crockpot – nothing get wasted. We use it topically daily and put into capsules. We take two mild cannacaps a day faithfully because it keeps all the inflammation down (along with turmeric) and can not believe how well it makes us feel. We swear it fixes everything. We wont miss a day because pain will come back after a while.

Diagram Showing Esophageal Cancer

So, all my friends know and come to me for advice. There seems to be a big boom in pets lately too. I’m keeping one dog alive with the infusion, she should have been dead 9 months ago according to the vet.

Educate. Cultivate. Medicate. That’s my slogan!

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