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Three Years Clean and Still No Idea How I Am Going To Survive The Rest of My Life

Trying to make a comeback from 25 years of addiction is a very uphill struggle. With 3 years clean, I still am not close to any kind of solution as to how I am going to survive for the rest of my life.

For the past 2 years I have been staying with my parents. I had two major bone surgeries on the same shoulder which happens to be my dominant arm.

I am diagnosed schizo-effective, and I have 15 years worth of non-violent crimes, including three low-grade felonies to support my habit. I am pretty unemployable.

On some days I feel better about the future than others. Today is one of those not so great ones. I know everything will work out. It has to.

I am so happy I can use the plant to keep me cool on these days. And it’s Christmas and I’m broke. But, I am with family. And it feels good to be part of my family again…

Gary Zubris

Well what can I say? I'm a recovering heroin addict. And every other substance addict. Thanks to a brain trauma brought on by a drunk driver when I was 19. That was 1990. I finally have just over 3 years clean from that whole lifestyle. I was on my way to a very successful life, but fate had a different plan. I needed to spend the next 25 years of my life after that point in pain trying to destroy myself and that memory. But guess what? You can't. From rehabs, to hospitals, to nut wards, to jails, to prison, to sober houses, to halfway houses....from the PA mountains, to the PA city streets, to the suburbs, I've lived it and learned a lot. About the nature people and psychology, and about addiction. This is not stuff you find in a book. Well there is obviously to me, no other reason for me to be alive but to try and help other's not see the places in life I've been to. No normal person should have to witness that stuff. I want to help other people NOT hurt like I did, or many of the people and families affected by overdose deaths. There must be more than one path available. Addiction is not a one-size-fits-all kind of problem. One of the ways I choose to beat addiction is medical cannabis. I will detail my struggles trying to reintegrate. They go on daily even after 3 years clean. I want to be the hope for many who feel hopeless. It CAN be done.

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