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Cannabis Helped Me Get off Benzos


I fought with benzos for 25 years until I was nearly dead; cannabis saved my life.

At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with BIPOLAR DISORDER. I was a victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence and at 21, added PTSD and a few other psychological disorders to the list. I was using drugs and the addiction had taken control by that time…

Mentally Ill Woman

After years of fighting, I lost custody of my children. My life had become a nightmare. With all the physical abuse came chronic pain issues. So. how does a junkie treat pain issues…with more drugs of course.

This cycle would go on for almost 25 years: getting clean, trying to make sense of what had become my life, relapsing. I couldn’t make it stick.

In 2017, around Thanksgiving, my son visited. I was so excited. I just wanted everything to be perfect! It wasn’t. It was a disaster. That was the last time I picked up my prescription for benzos.

Cannabis Bud on Wood

I turned to cannabis for help. So far, I haven’t even thought of using anything else. It’s been since Christmas. And for the first time in 25 years, I was sober for New Years.

This plant, that I thought was just for “taking the edge off” has saved my life, I think. I am going to shout from the rooftops how this plant has made it possible to get my life back in order. I want to tell you that, yes, it can help you too.

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