Cannabis Honey Is Delicious and Nutritious!

Jessica McKeil September 5, 2018 20 comments

So what’s special about Cannabis/CBD Honey? A lot, actually.

Honey is a sweet golden elixir, with a few pretty unique characteristics. For starters, honey is the only food that never spoils. Archeologists have discovered pots of honey from 5,00 years ago in Georgia, and it’s still edible (at least, in theory). Honey has also long held a position as a valuable medicinal ingredient, both for its own therapeutic qualities and as a carrier for other medicinal herbs. Cannabis honey/CBD honey is one of these beneficial combinations.

Why Cannabis Honey?

The sweet combination of cannabis in honey is delicious, nutritious, versatile, and healing. Honey, especially raw, organic kinds, are unprocessed alternatives to white sugar and corn syrups found in most packaged foods. Unlike the refined sweeteners found in processed snacks today, there are actually some healthy properties to honey.

In a recent review, authors Sarfraz Ahmed, Siti Amrah Sulaiman, et al. reported honey “exhibits strong wound healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, and antidiabetic effects.” Preliminary work has highlighted several additional properties, such as antitumoral, immunomodulatory, estrogenic regulatory, and more. Ahmed and Sulaiman conclude, “The literature suggests that honey administered alone or as adjuvant therapy might be a potential natural antioxidant medicinal agent warranting further experimental and clinical research.”[1]Ahmed, S., Sulaiman, S. A., Baig, A. A., Ibrahim, M., Liaqat, S., Fatima, S., Jabeen, S., Shamim, N., & Othman, N. H. (2018). Honey as a Potential Natural Antioxidant Medicine: An Insight into … Continue reading

As you may have already noted, medical cannabis contains several over these very same qualities. Cannabinoids like CBD are also anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, antioxidative, and immunoregulatory. Combined, cannabis honey (or CBD honey) is a powerhouse of therapeutic potential.

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cannabis honey represented by man walking in fields of buds and sun

Going Beyond Infusions, Cannabinoid Honey

Cannabis honey recently received a lot of media attention thanks to a Spanish beekeeper nicknamed Nicolas Trainerbees. According to the widely shared reports, Trainerbees had begun producing cannabinoid honey by training bees to target his cannabis crop. The media exaggerated several critical details of the story, but the concept is interesting.

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Rxleaf spoke with Trainerbees in 2018, and clarified the facts on cannabinoid honey. Firstly, cannabis produces minimal amounts of nectar, which is the substance bees collect to produce honey. Instead, as Trainerbees details, he’d successfully trained his hives to collect cannabis pollen.

Cannabis is a highly attractive pollen producer, as studies in Colorado and New York have demonstrated. Bees collect pollen to product propolis, which is food for bee larvae. Consequently, many people consider propolis a superfood in its own right.

Further, propolis is yet another antioxidant ingredient. In “Recent Advances in the Chemical Composition of Propolis,” published in 2014, researchers discuss the many possible applications for propolis, including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti tumor, anti ulcer and even anti-HIV.[2]Huang, S., Zhang, C. P., Wang, K., Li, G. Q., & Hu, F. L. (2014). Recent advances in the chemical composition of propolis. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 19(12), 19610–19632. … Continue reading

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So, it’s highly unlikely that any bee can produce cannabinoid-infused honey, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in some capacity. Trainerbees’ process is secretive, but some have proposed his cannabis honey is simply a mixture of propolis and honey. Making honey/CBD honey at home, with propolis, produces a sweet, superfood, with synergistic ingredients.

DIY Cannabis Honey with Propolis

Trainerbees beekeeping secrets haven’t made it into the commercial market for cannabis honey/CBD honey. Consequently, why not make this specialized honey at home?


  • 14 g Decarboxylated cannabis (CBD-rich strain if desired)
  • 400 g Honey
  • 6 g Ethically sourced propolis
  • 27 g Clear grain alcohol (ex: Everclear)
  • Additional herbs if desired (lavender, lemon balm, etc.)


  • Large mason jars
  • A large piece of cheesecloth
  • Slow cooker or hot water bath

Cannabis honey next to honey comb


  1. Firstly, make the propolis tincture. Combine clear grain alcohol and propolis in a Mason jar. Shake well, and store in a dark cupboard. Shake every few days for two weeks.
  2. Secondly, using a cheesecloth, filter the mixture into a new jar. Discard spent propolis.
  3. Thirdly, pour honey into the new propolis tincture jar.
  4. Fourthly, taking a fresh piece of cheesecloth, tie a bundle of decarbed cannabis and place inside the jar. Using a spoon, push the cannabis under until it’s covered.
  5. Next, stir to combine.
  6. Place the jar, loosely covered, into a hot water bath on the stove or slow cooker. Set to low heat.
  7. Allow the mixture to come to a low simmer for four to six hours.
  8. Remove from heat, and allow to cool.
  9. Remove the bundle, squeezing out as much honey as possible.
  10. Store in the refrigerator.
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A Winning Combination Cannabis, Honey and Propolis

Consequently, cannabis honey or CBD honey (with the addition of propolis) only contains three medicinal ingredients. All three target basically the same issues: inflammation, oxidative stress, and cancerous cells. Each component is powerful on its own, but as the entourage effect tells us, they are likely exponentially more valuable in combination.

Make a batch of propolis infused cannabis honey to have on hand for that next cup of tea, or to drizzle over an especially good bowl of granola. Cannabis honey is an important tool for patients everywhere, especially when used as a replacement for refined, processed sugars.


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Jessica McKeil

Jessica McKeil is a freelance writer focused on the medical marijuana industry, from production methods to medicinal applications. She is lucky enough to live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada where the cannabis industry is exploding. When not writing, she spends much of her time exploring in the coastal forests.


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    • Jennifer Grant

      Jennifer Grant

      You will likely have to make your own. But, if you are in a legalized area, check a local dispensary. The staff there may have more information as well.

  2. I only consume,Raw Honey,and enjoy Comb Honey,often…

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    Darren LeBlanc

    I clean my hair with honey and lemon juice, coconut oil as a conditioner. One million times better than any store bought chemical laced bottle of shit

    • Jennifer Grant

      Jennifer Grant

      Wow! I love that. Would you be willing to share your recipe. 🙂 I’m definitely interested in trying that.

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    How can i buy this snd would it get through customs to Australia and do you have the gummi bears to buy also

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    I really want that honey.. too bad canabis is prohibited in my country Indonesia…

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    Shellie Dawson

    Where can I get some that’s the real thing, I live in Colorado, do you know if there is one here??

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    Tom Wilkins

    There is not one Legal Provider in Canada that I would trust to give me real honey!
    They are lower than lawyers!
    None of my free market cannabis irritates my lungs, throat and sinuses like the legal crap did- even when vaping it!
    BTW, the Legal Providers are PERMITTED by Health Canada to short you half a gram on a 5 gram jar. But they collect the money and taxes based on a full 5 gams.

  8. This cannabis honey should be available to patients in hospital. It works! It’s awesome!

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    Hello can shipping in Virginia ?

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    How do you know there are 500 mg of THC in it?

  11. IF & WHEN Do you Plan on Selling Product ? I Live in USA and Would Certainly Be Interested in Doing So! THANK YOU!

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    I’m about to make some infused honey please tell if I leave the lid on/off the mason jar when it is simmering?
    Thank You!

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