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Cannabis Technology: Gadgets for Your Ganja

Emily Robertson

We did a little impromptu office survey and these are the top three picks for cannabis tech.

Cannabis is an ‘up and coming’ industry and changing everyday! But this isn’t just about legalization and dispensaries. With the ganja come the cool gadgets. Researchers and experts are quickly developing new cannabis tech to support your cannabis consumption preferences and medical needs. With so much news about cannabis hitting the media, it can be tough to keep up with secondary information, like cannabis tech. We want to keep you in the know.

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Whether you’re a stick-to-the-classics kind of cannabis consumer (self-rolled joints and bongs) or ready to try something new, there’s something for you. Your first consideration should be: what are your needs? For children with severe forms of autism or for the elderly, for example, a nebulizer is a great bit of cannabis tech. This is because a nebulizer can be worn as a mask and has no need for a draw from uncooperative lungs. And if you’re trying to kill pain with the cleanest ‘smoke’ possible, a water filtration vaporizer should be at the top of your list.

Here’s our Cannabis Tech Favs Round Up

Hydrology 9: Water Filtration Vape

Hydrology 9 vaporizor

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This beauty is a water pipe style vaporizer. The method of consuming cannabis is so smooth and flavorful, you are likely to become an instant convert. It may look intimidating (yet sleekly beautiful), but it’s actually very easy to use. Water goes into the chamber from the top and dry bud is added by unscrewing the lid at the bottom. Another favorite feature is a built in rotator right in the dry bud chamber!

How it works is that the water filters through something called a “tunnel tube.” It gives the input a faster vape speed, but still cools before it hits your mouth. This is what makes the vaping experience smooth while reducing inhaled carcinogens.

Coming in at $250, the Hydrology 9 is easy to clean and highly effective.

Nebican by Aura Medical

Have you tried a nebulizer before? Similar to an oxygen mask, in a lot of ways. This particular nebulizer, the Nebican, has been FDA approved.

Nebulizers are a new cannabis tech that release a fog-like vapor that is the perfect solution for delivering meds to asthmatics and those with COPD; in addition to children and adults with special needs who may not be able to draw on a vape pen or tolerate an edible. The mist easily penetrates down into the lungs.

The cost for the Nebican is set at $160 to $200.

Pax 3 for Dry Herb and Extract

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This little gadget is sleek, chic, and incredibly efficient. It may be quite the investment (ranging from $259.99 to $319.99 CAD) but if you can swing the budget, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Pax 3 is the ultimate bit of cannabis tech that allows you to smoke either dry herb or extract, which enables control of your pain treatment. It’s a clean way to inhale your medication in the form that best suits your treatment plan. Better yet, the settings on the Pax 3’s half pack oven allow you to control heat source. The oven itself increases the efficiency of the vaporizer, meaning you need less cannabis for the same high you achieve normally with more.

And, if you want to smoke your packed herb more than once, turn up the heat to make the most out of that bit of green. This certainly isn’t possible with traditional joints, so it’s a money saver when used well.

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The cannabis industry is in an innovative, creative period of its life. New gadgets and technologies are part of the more fun and experimental sides of cannabis culture. They help you medicate your way. What’s your favourite gadget for cannabis use?




Emily Robertson

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