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Chad: PTSD & Pain


The VA had me on 14 different pills a day, but I kept getting worse. 

After serving in the army for 7 years, I came home pretty broken. I suffered from PTSD, TBI, and pain from head to toe. At one point, my doctor told me I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life…

Then the VA started with all the drugs. I was taking 14 different pills a day but kept getting worse and worse. Finally, my doctor at the VA tells me I should try cannabis because all of these meds were failing me.

I start using just flower and I was immediately able to drop 10 meds (within a month). Years down the road now, and I was still in chronic pain, just the edge was taken. Then I tried vaping CBD and THAT changed my life! No more pain.

Since that moment, I have come off all pharmaceuticals and I’m working toward becoming an aquaponics farmer. This is something I never thought possible in the past, due to the daily pain.

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