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Coffee & Cannabis

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Coffee has always been on the top of the list of drugs for many. With the legalization of marijuana, coffee lovers are trying to get their high through the blend of both. A number of companies have started selling cannabis that are laced with coffee and they claim to give users the much-needed buzz in their cuppa. However, most of people are clueless as to what really happens when you combine weed and coffee?

Researchers say that using both the drugs in combination can be a problem. There is evidence that when caffeine and marijuana are taken together, they mix neuro chemically and have different effects in combination as compared to the affects you have when you use them alone. It has been studied that mixing caffeine with THC could worsen the working memory of a person. It may contain cognitive enhancing properties because caffeine is a stimulant and weed is a depressant. This is one combination which can make you feel tired and wired within no time.

Caffeine Will Intensify the High

When you take marijuana and caffeine together, it will enhance the total impact of marijuana on your mind and body. If you drink a lot of coffee in the day, it might enhance the high and lead to an increase in marijuana addiction. In United States alone, 85 percent of the total population consumes caffeine daily. Caffeine and marijuana are the two favorite drugs in the United States. There might not be a ghastly reaction when you combine caffeine and marijuana but it is not a good idea. Caffeine will actually intensify the high you get from marijuana.

Little is known about the impact of both the drugs inside your body and brain. You will end up getting higher than you intended to and there will be a big difference on the end results. Both the drugs vary in their THC ratios. This is why you get an intense kick when you consume both the products together. When you regularly consume weed with caffeine, you will notice a rise in the addictive effects of marijuana. Physical dependence on the same will increase but it has also been noted that caffeine is much more addictive than cannabis.

Why You Should Not Mix Coffee With Weed 1

If you are a fan of edibles, you can use them regularly but maintain a strict watch on the dosage. Overdoing caffeine or weed is only going to harm your mind and body in the long run. You need to know where to stop. Caffeine will not get your digestive system working which will ensure that the THCwill get processed faster and it will thus result in a hard-hitting THC buzz in the body. You might be able to function normally after taking both the drugs separately but if you try to work after mixing them both, it will feel like two stereos playing differently in one room.

Coffee as well as marijuana have served two different purposes. While one can function as a stimulant, the other will help unwind a stressed brain. There are some people who drink coffee in the night and there are many who get high next morning but the society has placed coffee and weed on opposite ends of the day for a specific reason and it is advisable to follow the same. If you are addicted to coffee and marijuana, keep sometime between the two. It is not advisable to take them together. You can start your day with coffee and end with weed. You will get a high in both the cases.

Why You Should Not Mix Coffee With Weed 2

Intensify Potency

Caffeine has the tendency to intensify the potency of a product and will also increase the heart rate. It is advisable to go through the THC ratios in the products and check the labels on the same before you pick them up. Caffeine and weed are meant to serve different purposes and you need to keep that in mind when you choose to consume them. Together is not a good idea, but even when you consume them independently, you will have to maintain a limit on the dosage and keep certain time between the two for best effects.

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