Can a Detox Take Your Cannabis to the Next Level?

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What if you used a detox kit to improve your cannabis results? 

Great news for cannabis consumers: A study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research (2020), showed that the average cannabis consumers’ health was better than peers who don’t partake. What’s more – the findings also report that cannabis consumers enjoyed a better quality of life, lower reported rates of depression, better night sleep, and fewer emergency room visits than people who abstain. But what’s more – a detox kit could make things even better. [1]Schlienz, N. J., Scalsky, R., Martin, E. L., Jackson, H., Munson, J., Strickland, J. C., . . . Vandrey, R. (2020). A Cross-Sectional and Prospective Comparison of Medicinal Cannabis Users and … Continue reading But, guys, we already know that because we live it. This is about taking things to the next level with a super short detox to reset receptors and make your cannabis medicine more efficient (and cheaper).

See, thanks to cannabis’ illicit past and continued strict regulation, the public tended to assume cannabis consumption is unhealthy and that THC detox kits are a way to hide bad habits from employers. But, thankfully, public opinions are shifting in this new golden era of legal cannabis. This sort of research combined with improvements in all-natural and science-designed detox kits (like these from Green Gone), are moving the needle way past stereotypes into cannabis/detox cycles as part of healthy living.

A THC detox kit is not just for emergency situations anymore. Detox kits, whether targeting a more general body cleanse, or more specifically, a THC detox, are an integral aspect of routine health and wellness. And if a new study is correct, cannabis consumption and overall health and wellness may actually go hand-in-hand.

The Health of Cannabis Consumers Compared with Non-Consumers

“A Cross-Sectional and Prospective Comparison of Medicinal Cannabis Users and Controls on Self-Reported Health” sought to evaluate the impact that cannabis legalization has had on peoples’ quality of life. Were the new wave of cannabis consumers happier, healthier, and less at risk for certain conditions than others?

The authors surveyed 1,200 Coloradans — both cannabis consumers and abstainers — every three months for nearly two years. In every measure tested, the cannabis consumers reported more positive results.

For the overall quality of life, cannabis consumers scored themselves at a 3.5 on average, compared to the 3.2 average of non-users. But the biggest difference came in sleep quality, anxiety, and depression.

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Cannabis consumers were a full point above sleep quality (9.9 vs. 8.9 on average). They also had more than a point less on the anxiety measure (9.2 versus 10.5 on a 15-point scale). Depression was the most drastic difference, with cannabis consumers saying their depression levels were at a 6.7, on average. Non-consumers marked their average depression at 8.4 on a 1-10 scale.

It seems that both the physical and mental health of cannabis consumers far outpaces the average.

Hard to believe? Colorado Study Controlled for Variables

For some, it may be hard to believe that the health of cannabis consumers is better, on average, than those who choose not to consume. The authors structured the study in a way that helped control for many of the challenging variables common within population-based studies. First, the study didn’t discriminate based on health conditions nor demographic group. Based on the total average, the cannabis consumers were actually slightly older than the control group which one would assume means greater health concerns.

Cannabis consumers also suffered from physical and mental conditions at nearly the same rates as the control group. Of the seven kinds of conditions chronicled (neurological, chronic pain, cancer, insomnia, etc.), cannabis consumers and the control group scored only a two percent difference at the highest point. In other words, cannabis consumers were slightly older and just as sick as the control group. But that’s not all.

Participants were roughly equal in educational attainment. The races and genders of the groups were almost equal (the control group was one percentage more male identifying than the cannabis consumers).

So, there seems to be no reason, other than weed, that the health of cannabis consumers would be better.

Even Healthy Cannabis Consumers Should Consider Detoxing

So if cannabis consumers are generally healthier, what does that mean for their ongoing medical cannabis use? Are there risks to daily doses of THC? Although many patients may assume detox kits are only required for people wondering how long cannabis stays in your system or facing a drug test at work, this isn’t the case.

A THC detox kit is valuable for patients even if they aren’t facing a drug test for work, athletics or medical purposes. A THC cleanse can help improve the medicine’s efficacy and save patients money over the long run. It can be a good partner to a tolerance break.

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If this seems like a strange argument, consider how all medical cannabis patients will experience some level of THC tolerance development. Our bodies, in the ongoing quest to maintain a balance, slowly build a tolerance to cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Over time, and especially with chronic daily use, even the healthiest medical cannabis patient will find their doses increasing to counter the growing tolerance.

Tolerance and The Detox Kit

According to a 2018 review, “Cannabis use and the development of tolerance: a systematic review of human evidence,” the slow development of tolerance is real and inevitable with frequent use. In this sweeping review of cannabis tolerance research, the authors came to the following conclusions:[2]Colizzi, M., & Bhattacharyya, S. (2018). Cannabis use and the development of tolerance: A systematic review of human evidence. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 93, 1-25. … Continue reading

  1. Regular cannabis consumers experience fewer and “less prominent” effects than less frequent consumers.
  2. Frequent cannabis consumers experience less behavioral and physiological effects.
  3. The acute intoxicating, psychotomimetic and cardiac effects show partial tolerance.

This paper didn’t explicitly explore the effects of tolerance on medicinal effects (i.e. if frequent cannabis consumption decreased the benefits for pain relief or mood regulation). But, it seems safe to assume this is also a real risk of tolerance development for cannabis patients. It can be incredibly frustrating for patients who rely on cannabis for daily treatment of chronic conditions.

A Tolerance Reset Saves Medicine and Money

A natural, well-formulated detox kit helps reset THC tolerance. The detox and short abstinence help flush out stored THC metabolites and clear out the lingering cannabinoids from your system. After the two to ten day cleanse (depending on current cannabis use), the endocannabinoid system has a chance to rebalance to its natural state. The same dose of THC taken before and after a body cleanse kit will deliver dramatically different results. A new lower tolerance to THC means you get more out of your medicine.

And, if you read between the lines, that means a better bang for your buck. Medical cannabis may be cheaper than pharmaceuticals, but over time your dosage can begin to creep. Resetting the endocannabinoid system with a Green Gone Detox Kit improves the plant’s power and saves patients money.

The Green Gone THC detox is different from what you may be familiar with. The many questionable detox kits flooding the market in recent years use ingredients like oxalate, laxatives, and Milk Thistle. Green Gone has taken a better, healthier approach to detox, whether it’s the 10-day-kit for heavy consumers or the short two-day detox kit for occasional consumers. Green Gone’s credibility comes from safe ingredients and pharmacist oversight. Importantly, these kits have gone through extensive testing for safety, effectiveness, and reliability.

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Using a Cannabis Detox Kit to Get (and Stay) Healthy

The literature tells us cannabis offers holistic support to the body and mind through the endocannabinoid system. The scientifically evidenced health benefits from medical cannabis include better muscle development, mental health protections, a boost in oral health, better kidney function, protection of the brain from degeneration, slows down skin aging, and more.

If cannabis is good for all those diverse body parts, it makes sense that it could boost consumers’ overall health. As the Coloradoan cannabis-consumer survey indicated, cannabis has become an integral aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It suggests that it improves quality of life, general health and wellness, and reduces the need for emergency rooms and doctor appointments.

But, even the benefits of cannabis has its limits. Tolerance research tells us that with frequent use, our bodies naturally start to block THC’s benefits. It’s a move to rebalance the endocannabinoid system. But, over time, patients may find their regular dose doesn’t do the trick anymore. Often this means increasing dose and spending more on medicine.

A THC detox kit from Green Gone resolves our body’s natural tendency to develop a THC tolerance. Even healthy cannabis consumers, who don’t need a body cleanse kit before a job interview or medical procedure, see benefits. Regular detoxing is just another tool for cannabis patients who want to get the most value from the plant-based medicine they rely on.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored content piece by Green Gone.


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