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It Just Got Easier To Add THC To Everything!

Sarah Hayes
dissolvable thc

Dissolvable THC is completely changing the edibles market.

Dixie Elixirs, a cannabis drinks and edibles brand out of Denver, Colorado, announced a breakthrough this month in dissolvable THC. Since Dixie released their first Dixie Elixir soda 10 years ago, the company’s product line and research into cannabis beverage technology has expanded dramatically. The company said that their new emulsification technique and ingredient management process show serious improvements in infusing liquids with cannabis.

It’s likely that developments in dissolvable THC technology will benefit all cannabis edibles. Many believe this process will be the future of the market. Other methods of infusing cannabis into food and drinks often leave a plant-like taste, which many consumers find unpleasant.  However, we’ve now seen the development of flavorless, odorless, dissolvable, cannabinoid powder. This opens up unlimited possibilities when it comes to cannabis in food.

Dixie Elixirs will implement their new proprietary process in a new product line of drink additives, both flavored and unflavored, called FUSE. The drink additives should debut in the fourth quarter of this year. Dixie also plans to use the water solubility process across its existing line of beverages and tinctures.

dissolvable thc

Easier Edibles More Appealing to Consumers

Chuck Smith , CEO of Dixie Brands, spoke about the discovery. He says, “Dixie was among the first to market with a cannabis-infused beverage nearly a decade ago, and we have remained at the forefront of research and development ever since. That focus on innovation enables us to expand into 15 product categories, and like any other successful CPG company, we are always striving to improve our product offerings. A faster-acting formula is the next step in our ongoing quest to better serve our patients and consumers.”

Improving uptake times for water-soluble THC products makes cannabis drinks more appealing to consumers.The company created FUSE drink additives to enhance non-alcoholic beverages. They work much like supermarket products like Crystal Light or Mio. Dixie expects the appeal of their fast-acting and convenient beverage enhancers will expand their market.

The company currently operates in six U.S. states and expects to double its manufacturing and distribution capabilities in 2019 in the U.S. Dixie also plans to expand internationally, including into Canada and Latin America to bring cannabis-infused beverages to emerging markets there. Dixie has 100 products across more than 15 different categories. They feature:

  • edibles,
  • tinctures,
  • topicals,
  • extractions,
  • CBD-infused wellness products,
  • and pet dietary supplements.

Dixie’s team also advocate for cannabis policy changes across the US.

Dissolvable THC is the Future of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis compounds are fat-soluble and resistant to combining with water. This makes the  development of dissolvable THC a challenge. Dixie have just made a significant contribution to the technology, but they’re not the only ones looking into it.

Another Colorado-based company, Stillwater Brands, has researched dissolvable cannabinoids since 2016.

Scientists create dissolvable THC powder by starting with a high-quality CO2 distillate of cannabis. They then use emulsifiers to mix it into a slurry. This is dehydrated into a soluble powder. The technology is especially important to companies who plan to create edible cannabis products that contain no fat, such as cannabis-infused drink companies.

Cannabis Drinks are the Next Edibles

Cannabis-infused drinks are exploding across legal cannabis markets. Dixie Elixirs believes that cannabis-infused beverages are a good bridge for “canna-curious” consumers seeking alcohol alternatives.

Millennials have been a driving force behind cannabis beverages. Statistics show that millenials prefer cannabis to booze and drink far less alcohol than older generations. Naturally, products with the ease and flavor options of alcohol, but the benefits of cannabis are attractive to this market.

San Francisco hosted the first Cannabis Drinks Expo this summer to provide networking opportunities, presentation of research into cannabis drink technology, discussion of the regulatory landscape and more. It’s clear that the cannabis drink market will be a sector unto itself. In the first five months of 2019, sales of cannabis beverages went up by 23% in Colorado and California.

Financial services advisor Canaccord Genuity has estimated that the cannabis-infused beverage market will be worth $600 million by 2022. This is up from $106 million in 2018. Estimates show that THC-infused drinks will represent $340 million, more than half of the total market.

With these numbers, many companies are jumping on the cannabis-infused drinks bandwagon.

Rebel Coast Winery sells nonalcoholic wine with 5 mg of THC per glass. MJ Wines offers cannabis-infused energy drinks, coffee and wine, and is working on a hemp IPA. Recess, who raised $3 million from investors, sell sparkling waters infused with hemp extract. California Dreamin’ offers fruit juices infused with 10 mg of THC.

dissolvable thc

Basically, for cannabis consumers on the lookout for alternatives to calorific edibles, smoking, or vaping, the cannabis drink market might be the best for you.

The market is taking off. Cannabis investors and major drinks manufacturers are also keeping an eye on this promising new industry.

Sarah Hayes

Sarah is an American expat living in Spain with her husband and little doggie. She comes from a performing arts and teaching background with a degree from the University of London. For the past 3 years Sarah has worked in and written about the legal cannabis industry both in Spain and the US. She cares about sharing her passion for cannabis, yoga, healthy lifestyles, counterculture and travel trough writing and social media.

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