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Do You Smoke PGR Cannabis?

Kyle Sengboupha

There are two types of known PGR’s, naturally derived and chemically derived. Chemically derived hormones aim to either interfere with synthesis and hormone breakdown or mimic pre-existing hormones. This interference often encourages denser growth and higher yields. Many growers claim that PGR’s help produce cannabis that grows “healthier” and has a higher resistance to disease. However, these unnatural attributes come with a heavy cost.

Chemically-derived PGRs are known to cause cancer, infertility, poison the liver and are classified as environmental pollutants. In the late 1980’s the Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of several PGRs because it was estimated that the exposure to these PGR’s could result in a cancer risk 240 times greater than considered acceptable by E.P.A. It is important to note that these PGRs were made illegal in the food industry, yet the cannabis industry had flown under the radar when it comes to illegal use of PGR’s.

A common misconception is that all PGRs are negative, however that is not true. There are natural PGR’s everywhere in the surrounding environment such as Kelp, Chitosan, and Tricontanol. There are natural solutions to chemical PGRs.

However, many popular fertilizer companies utilize the chemically derived PGR’s in their products, and growers are unaware of the dangers they pose to the consumer population. So, how do you protect yourself in the cannabis market?

Pay the extra and buy Craft Cannabis.  Higher quality cannabis nowadays focus in on the all organic soils grows.  Using such ingredients as Reverse Osmosis Water, Compost Tea, Guano, NPK fertilizer, and Coco Coir.

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