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Does Cannabis Enhance Workout Performance??

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Contrary to what most people believe, consuming cannabis before workout seems to have some sort of positive impacts on the body. Though no such clinical study has been conducted so far to understand the efficacy of cannabis on human body before and after a workout session. But there is enough information available as to how the consumption of Cannabis affects workout performance.


Considered to be diametrically opposites, marijuana and workout seems to have become the best buddies of late thanks to the new medical marijuana law introduced by the USA government. As of now 29 states have relaxed their medical marijuana law and this has given rise to the growth of a new breed of body builders who want to enjoy the best of the both worlds – intensive workout sessions and cannabis.

More Focused

Ask a pro-pot athlete why he/she is advocating the idea of taking cannabis before a workout session and you will most likely to get this response – ‘It helps me get into the zone and keep my brain sharp’. They think cannabis helps activate certain brain cells that helps them keep focus while they are surfing, kayaking or mountain biking. However, to a normal person, these ideas may sound a bit weird because it is unlikely to stay focused while smoking pot; they are mutually exclusive. In realty, what is happening is – smoking pot is helping these people to stay motivated throughout the entire workout session and this leads to a more fulfilling workout session at the end.

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How Cannabis Actually Affects Workout Session

Understanding the relationship between human body and the cannabis can help us get a clear picture of how cannabis is affecting workout sessions. First, we need to accept the fact we can’t put cannabis and pharmaceutical drug in the same bracket because unlike drugs, cannabis is not monitored or approved by the FDA. For example, if two persons purchase a prescribe medicine from two different stores, the med will affect them almost in the same way but the same can’t be said of cannabis. Different cannabis strains have different impacts and sometimes the same cannabis strain can affect different persons differently. So, cannabis can work wonder for a perturbed person but it can actually elevate the anxiety level of an otherwise perfectly normal person. The same rule is applicable for athlete. For some, taking cannabis before workout can help them burn more calorie whereas in some cases, it can make some other person more lethargic. It varies from person to person.

Speed Up Recovery

Unless you have been living the life of a hermit this whole time, you must have heard the term – CBD. It is a common cannabinoid found in almost marijuana strain. Known for its magical therapeutic effects, CBD is basically a non-psychoactive chemical that boosts immunity system, helps stop seizures, reduces inflammation and also stops muscle spasms. It is also known for speeding up the healing and recovery process. Since it helps rejuvenate and repair the muscle cells, consuming cannabis is going to have a direct impact on the workout performance level. Intense workout sessions make the body inflamed and the joins start hurting after one or two intensive session but if you have taken cannabis, your body will heal itself fast and this will make the workout sessions more fun and exciting.

Helps You Push Yourself Further

It is always tough to spend one more minute on that dreaded treadmill or do 10 more pushups because your body will be sending signals in the form of aches and pains. But if you have consumed cannabis before the workout sessions, doing 10 extra pushups would feel like a walk in the park. Pushing yourself hard to meet those fitness target may seem impossible but not anymore if you are taking cannabis while doing workout. Human bodies have hundreds of cannabinoid receptors and these receptors send pain signals to the brain but cannabis somehow interferes with this system and thereby making it easier for us endure more strenuous muscle building exercises.

Amount Matters

Just because cannabis helps you do more pushups, it does not mean you should take it to the extreme. Cannabis should be taken in moderation before the exercise sessionotherwise you will end up hurting your muscles. Technically, the amount of cannabis you consume before a workout session should be way less than what you usually consume for recreational purpose.

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