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Elke: Ovarian Cancer

Micrograph showing ovarian cancer cells

When I questioned my doctor about cannabis over chemotherapy, he became defensive, angry even. So, I got a new oncologist. 

My name is Elke and I have OVARIAN CANCER.

In April of 2016, I could not walk due to severe pain in my lower extremities. On a CT scan, they found a 15 cm mass on my left ovary; it was caught early at Stage 2B.

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In May, they removed my ovaries, part of my colon, lymph nodes and omentum. I was in a lot of post surgery pain and was very weak when my oncologist told me I needed chemo. He prescribed Norco for pain. On Norco, I slept most of the day and still woke up in pain. I refused chemo knowing my chances of survival were not any greater. The reason for the chemo was to prevent it from coming back. 

Ovarian Cancer Target over ovary

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I asked him many questions about chemo and he became defensive, not supportive. He explained, that he had to follow AMA and Hospital rules and regulations. He became almost angry. So, I found a new oncologist. 

In November 2016 my new oncologist recommended cannabis and handed me my medical cannabis card packet telling me she is filling her part in.

Micrograph showing ovarian cancer cells

Micrograph of ovarian cancer cells. Image Credit: David Litman

I received my medical cannabis card in January 2017 and went to purchase my first medicines at my Springfield, IL dispensary right away. I was recommended Indica by my online friends and RSO oil. I vaped for the first time. It was an incredible reliever for pain! Depression turned into laughter, but I still felt the pain in my colon. I started taking RSO oil and after one week I noticed the difference in my pain level going from a 9 to a 6. 

Young Woman on IV Drip Cancer

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My oncologist continues to monitor my blood work. She is very pleased with my results. She stated, that she has had positive reactions to cannabis from her patients. This is why she recommended it to me.

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