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Five Things To Help You Come Down from a Weed High

Emily Robertson
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Even the most experienced cannabis consumer can become too high, especially when trying new edibles. Remain calm, we got you.

Dying from an overdose of cannabis is not possible, but that doesn’t mean it won’t feel like the last hour of your life when you’re in the middle of green out. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro that got impatient and ate too many edibles, no medical attention is required from being too high. It’s just time and employing a few tips that will help ease you through the until you come down again.

You may get the sweats, most likely nausea and sometimes puking; you will no doubt have total couch lock and even a good dose of paranoia.  All of these will pass in their own with time, but there are certainly things you can do to reduce the discomfort:

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1. Stay calm

The most important thing you need to remember is to stay calm. Allowing your anxiety free range will likely worsen symptoms, and even worse, will stop you from finding solutions. The feeling will pass – you’re not in danger, you can’t die, and no medical consequences can come from this terrible high. Take some deep breaths and lay down. If you can, try to sleep through it. Your body will work through it naturally while you sleep. If you can’t pass out, continue down this list. It is recommended that you try steps two and three before sleeping anyway, to avoid feeling slightly ill when you wake up.

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2. Drink Something Sugary and Chew Peppercorns

A beverage with a high sugar content – juice or pop, for instance (cream soda is an especially good one) – will help normalize you. It goes directly to your head and helps to combat the effects of cannabis. If you’re seeing black dots, for instance, drinking something high in sugar will bring your vision back within a couple seconds and will reduce sweating and nausea.

Other people swear by black peppercorns for reducing anxiety or paranoia.  Just pop two or three peppercorns in your mouth and have at it. It’s a chewing challenge that is definitely worht it.  The British Journal of Pharmacology found out that black pepper contains the terpene beta-caryophyllene, which has a calming effect on the brain. Even a whiff of the peppercorn jar will snap you out of your growing paranoid fantasies.

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3. Keep Snacks and Water Close

Cannabis causes the munchies – everyone knows that. What they don’t know is that if you’re smoking on an empty stomach and then get the munchies, nausea can kick in real quick if you don’t feed that hunger.  So, keep snacks close. It doesn’t need to be junk food – a bowl of nuts, some fruit, vegetables – but go with what makes you feel better. Sometimes the crunch of a salty snack is exactly what the doctor ordered.

And you want to stay hydrated, too. Once you’ve had your sugary drink, follow it with a big gulp of water and your snack. Cold, cold water will help focus your mind and body just outside of the high.

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4. Find Distractions

When you’re feeling unbalanced and nauseous,  it can be tough to think of anything else. But, we all know that focusing on the problem only makes it feel bigger. Since this is not a problem that you can solve by over thinking, it’s recommended that you find a distraction. Listen to music or watch a movie, even go for a walk in nature, if you can manage it; anything that will help you take your mind off the discomfort you’re feeling. It’ll work wonders to bring you back to earth!

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5. Take a Bath

Baths are a great way to distract, calm, and detox. Run a hot bath with some Epsom salts, bring in your water and sugary drinks, and let yourself be grounded in the warm water. Make sure you don’t fall asleep in the bath or sit too long in Epsom salt. It’s recommended that you set the alarm of your phone for 20 minutes then rinse off with a cold shower.

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Taking too much medicine can be scary, but if you know what to do you’ll be back on track in no time. Don’t panic, remember that no harm will come to you, and follow our tips. You’ll feel yourself again soon.

PRO TIP: The most frequent incidences of becoming “too high” follow over consumption of edibles. Remember that edibles take about two hours to reach maximum effect. It’s a common mistake to get impatient, eat another, the first one kicks in, followed quickly by the second and you’re in the middle of  green out. Arm yourself with the tips above and don’t worry: this too shall pass.


Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson has been writing freelance and contract work since 2011. She has written on a variety of topics, including travel writing of North America and the growing legalized cannabis industry across the globe. Robertson has a master’s degree in literature and gender studies, and brings this through in her writing by always trying to explore different perspectives. Born and raised in southwestern Ontario, Robertson moved to Glasgow, Scotland in 2016 to undergo her doctorate in Scottish Literature. She lives in the West End with her dog, Henley.

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