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I’ve Been On Every Medication and Nothing Tops Cannabis

Bipolar Disorder written on strips of paper in a pile

I have Bipolar Disorder and medication doesn’t work. Cannabis does. 

“Hi my name is Gene and I live in a state with no legal cannabis and have been smoking cannabis for 40 years now. I have a college education and was an insurance agent and then later in life, a school teacher, so we can dispense with the “cannabis makes you stupid and lazy” argument.

I am also BI-POLAR. I was born with it. You can not develop it later in life and you can’t catch it from smoking cannabis. For those who may not know, bi-polar is manifested in super high highs in a manic period so to speak and very deep depressions on the other end.

I have been on every medication used to treat this and nothing tops cannabis for getting rid of the symptoms. If I am in a manic state and ready to burn the house down, cannabis mellows me out and brings me safely down. Conversely, if I am so low I am contemplating suicide, it brings me up. It helps me remember that all is not lost.

I know some may call BS on this but it’s the truth and has been my experience. Cannabis has literally saved my life and I am grateful for it.”

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