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The Gofire Cannabis Inhaler: Perfect Medicine. Perfect Dose. Everytime.

Matt Weeks
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Gofire puts personalized medicine into your hands with its new cannabis inhaler.

Sponsored content prepared by RxLeaf writer, Matt Weeks.


We’re in the infancy of two revolutionary changes in the healthcare industry: computer-assisted medical technology and cannabis-based medicine. Gofire has come up with an innovative way to marry the two: one-part smart cannabis inhaler and one-part crowd-sourced data compiler.

Currently, the lack of information in the cannabis healthcare space limits patient choice and reduces confidence in efficacy of cannabis medicine. Today’s caregivers are often unable to confidently recommend a treatment regiment. This is simply because the research and data has not caught up to consumer experimentation. It leaves users to find their way in the dark with adages like, “Start low and go slow.”

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Gofire CEO Peter Calfee says, “Our goal is to give the patient more tools to help them become a healthier person and live life on their own terms.”

How Does the Gofire Cannabis Inhaler Work?

Through a mobile app, Gofire users simply scan DoseCodes (Gofire QR codes) printed on the oils, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and other cannabis products that are available in local dispensaries or online cannabis shops. DoseCodes connect the app with product information and user reviews, including lab-tested chemical profiles, common uses, and dose recommendations.

Then, users can keep track of their own dosing—and progress—directly through the Gofire App. When this process is repeated by thousands of medical cannabis users, it becomes a node of community learning. You can see what kinds of products are nearby, which strains are popular, and the recommended chemovar for specific conditions.

To streamline the experience even more, Gofire also offers a sleek “smart inhaler” that dispenses exactly 2.5 mg of cannabis oil with each ‘click’ of the dose dial. This precise dosing method allows consumers to accurately track and measure how much cannabis oil they consume, so they can learn from and refine their intake. This will reduce waste and allow the consumer to find the sweet spot for treatment.

Cannabis Inhaler Technology With Access to Community Data

This cannabis inhaler connects with a smartphone app that stores user data and exports it— anonymously—to the Gofire online portal. Through the app, users can jot down their thoughts on specific products and share their experiences.

The results are twofold. First, the pace of learning for cannabis-based medicine amplifies. Instead of waiting years for longitudinal studies by research scientists, cannabis consumers are able to create large-scale clinical trials in real time. Patients who suffer from migraine headaches, for example, can quickly find which product and dose are working for consumers to kill this extreme head pain.

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Patients Have Power of Big Data in Their Own Hands

So far, the promise of Big Data hasn’t been realized by the average patient. Big Pharma companies reap the benefits, but the real winners have been digital marketers and Silicon Valley CEOs. Gofire compiles the power of collective data, and delivers this to its users with an easy to use patient interface.

Gofire CEO, Peter Calfee says, “All this comes down to giving power to the patient. When patients have access to data on products they’re using, they can make more informed decisions, and that leads to better outcomes.”

Once you buy a cartridge and drop it into the inhaler, Gofire automatically records how often and how much. Then, over time you will learn what works best so you can recreate a consistent and predictable experience.

And, because the dosing is precise, the data is clean. You don’t have to worry that the reviews are muddied by incorrect dosage statistics or different regional varieties. It’s personalized medicine. All of the information is right there at your fingertips, ready to be put to good use.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

“This all started with movement-tracking apps. Fitness products, like FitBit and the Apple Watch began the personalized healthcare revolution and we’re taking it one step further,” Calfee says. “The exciting thing for us is that while patients will be able to better monitor their own healing and progress, the crowdsourced anonymous data sets we gather through the app can tell larger stories about the health of whole populations.”

Indeed, comparing product formulations against user reviews offers medical researchers and product innovators rich troves of information. It can tell them where to invest their energies, which products are performing best for patients, and where to tweak.

For example, if users with chronic pain consistently vote one strain effective, producers can develop products from this.

Cancer researchers will have a chance to collect, in real time, data about patient cannabis consumption. This could result in fast-tracking certain lines of research and new product testing. It gives opportunity to speed up learning about how cancer functions within the human endocannabinoid system. Patients, physicians, and researchers can now target strain and dosage for future trials.

gofire, cannabis inhaler, cannabis medicine, cannabis, pain management, dosing, health app


Infinite Possibilities

The possibilities are nearly endless.

“Think of your own health. You probably already know that your headaches need two Advil or three Tylenol or whatever. With the precision dosing of cannabis oil, you’ll be able to know, really for the first time, how much cannabis oil you need to get that same effect,” Calfee says. “And for people who really struggle with chronic pain or who are trying to get themselves off opioids, they’ll be able to track how much cannabis they’re using, instead of just eyeballing it.”

Gofire offers a suite of products that are good for the individual and society. This is exactly the sort of promise that nearly every tech startup claims and few ever actually achieve. Gofire is different.

By investing in patient-centred care, this company is giving people access to personalized medicine. Even more exciting, the Gofire cannabis inhaler gives a way for us to navigate the wild west of cannabis dosing. Now, instead of waiting on science to catch up, patients can blaze ahead toward a healthier future.

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