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Science Created The Perfect Detox Kit To Avoid The Tolerance Break

Matt Weeks
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This may finally be an answer to your quest for the perfect cannabis detox kit.

Thanks to the efforts of a team of pharmacists, a company called Green Gone has brought a medically advanced cleanse regimen to the market. It could be a game changer for athletes, office workers, and cannabis consumers in search of a tolerance break.

A good detox kit takes the guesswork out of abstaining. Because each person is different, it’s nearly impossible to know how long an individual needs to refrain from cannabis before it clears their system. There’s simply too many variables. Cannabinoids can reside in the body by clinging to fat cells for a matter of days, weeks, or months after consumption.

Detox pills can help all sorts of consumers. Athletes who want a clean start to the season, medical patients, or consumers who want a tolerance break.

Many consumers find tolerance breaks to be helpful as a way to reset the body’s cannabinoid count and return to a natural form of homeostasis. This can help when starting a new cannabis-based treatment or in the middle of an ongoing treatment to ensure the recommended dose of cannabis remains effective.

green gone detox kit

The Green Gone Difference

Green Gone provides scientific backing to the idea of the perfect cleanse. The driving force behind its detox kits is a scientifically proven methodology developed by pharmacists using completely natural ingredients. All if this is packed into a simple, easy-to-use system.

Many users attempting to detoxify rely on home remedies, such as charcoal pills or a capful of bleach dissolved in a gallon of water. These methods simply don’t work. Moreover, these can often be downright dangerous. Charcoal supposedly masks THC in urine but doesn’t actually remove it. And drinking bleach is obviously not safe. It can cause serious harm to the body, and there’s virtually no evidence it flushes THC out of the system.

That’s why so many smart consumers, determined to take advantage of the best detox regime, rely on abstinence. By reducing cannabis intake to zero for a matter of weeks or months, they hope the cannabinoids flush themselves out of the body in the allotted time-frame.

While that approach is more fool proof, it lacks precision and relies on generalized guess work. As Green Gone’s THC Detox Calculator demonstrates, it can take a while for weed to clear the body. Many factors, like length of use, body composition, metabolism, amount of exercise, and type of cannabis consumed, all effect the detoxifying rate.

Green Gone detox kits solve all of these problems. The kits rely on detox pills that are scientifically formulated to gently and completely rid the body of THC through natural herbal supplements that force out stray THC metabolites.

With Green Gone’s five free THC test strips, included with each kit, consumers never have to wonder whether their bodies have reset. It’s all right there with nearly instant confirmation of the results at home.

green gone detox kit chart

A Scientific Detox Kit

How fast do detox kits work?

Green Gone offers three ways to cleanse the body of THC in two, five, or ten day kits, each involving three pills a day. The kits range in duration for light, moderate, and heavy cannabis consumers.

Light consumers, who may smoke a joint or two once a week can rid their body of THC in two days. Moderate to heavy users can opt for the five or ten-day kits to ensure they receive the best cleanse that is scientifically available.

The detox kits work by taking advantage of the pioneering pharmaceutical research conducted by Green Gone’s lab-trained pharmacists. The kits include 100 percent vegan doses of herb collections. These gently urge the body to flush out THC and reset its cannabinoid levels.

Here’s what’s inside.

  • St. John’s Wort — A naturally occurring herb that turbocharges the liver’s detoxifying efforts. St. John’s Wort boosts the body’s own efforts at ridding itself of THC. It does so by doubling or tripling the efficiency of two liver enzymes responsible for processing THC.
  • Sodium Bicarb — Also known as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate increases the pH of human urine. This targets the hard-to-reach THC metabolites resistant to dissolving in acidic urine.
  • White Willow Extract — Just like aspirin is made from the bark of a willow tree, white willow extract contains salicylates that are beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, the herb also appears on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. When taken, white willow extract binds to the same sites on blood proteins to which THC attaches. This limits the cannabinoid’s ability to stick around.
  • Horsetail Extract — A million-year old “living fossil,” horsetail is the only plant of its genus to reproduce via spores instead of seeds. In the centuries it’s been around, horsetail has evolved into a natural diuretic. It causes the body to flush its system more regularly. When combined with the other herbs in Green Gone’s formula, it ensures a faster detoxifying process by producing a higher volume of urine.
  • Psyllium Husk — A fantastic source of fiber, psyllium husk helps to block THC reabsorption in the lower intestinal tract. Because more than 50 percent of THC is flushed out through the bowels, Green Gone added an herb that would bind THC in the gut and help the body push it out.

A No-Lose Scenario

Green Gone is so confident consumers will pass any THC screening after taking its detox pills, each kit comes with a money-back guarantee.

Consumers who complete a two, five, or ten-day detox kit and still find THC in their systems are entitled to a full refund. It’s part of the company’s ethos.

Green Gone’s detox kits also arrive quickly and come wrapped in inconspicuous packaging. The focus of the company is about helping clear the body of THC, not plastering its name on the packaging.

green gone 10 day detox kit box

The Advantages of Detoxing

Detoxifying has several benefits for even very casual cannabis consumers. First, it sets the body back into a more natural state. This means that any cannabis-based regime started after a detox will start from scratch, instead of working with the cannabinoids already in the system. A tolerance break also increases the potency of cannabis products. It can be a real time and money saver for heavy users. Cannabis patients will benefit from seeing the same results from their treatments no matter how long they’ve been taking it.

It’s also key for athletes who want to start a training regimen from a natural state or for office workers who want to flush their systems before taking on a big product or moving to a new company.

Whatever the reason, Green Gone has consumers covered. It’s the scientific answer to detoxing. Check them out!

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