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Green Gone Has Got The Science For Achieving Total THC Detox

“There is no magic THC detox potion, it is just science.”

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Green Gone has licensed pharmacists using hard science to guarantee total THC detox, so you’re ready to pass the drug test.

Top Five Scientific Benefits of Choosing Green Gone

The pharmacists behind Green Gone have painstakingly developed a unique formula to maximize the flushing of THC metabolites from the body. This product uses science to deliver 100% THC detox.

St. John’s Wort: Increased Liver Activity

First, St. John’s Wort helps your liver activate its enzymes, specifically those responsible for processing THC. It goes to reason that if you process it more quickly, it also speeds up the elimination of the more water soluble end products.

Sodium bicarbonate: Increase Urine pH

The second step is to increase the pH level of your urine. Higher pH level allows for more of these acidic metabolites to dissolve into the urine, and subsequently flush out more rapidly.

White Willow Extract: Decrease Protein Binding in Blood

The third step is to decrease protein binding in the blood. The researchers reasoned that if you inhibit the activity of the same proteins typically binding with the THC metabolites, the unbound THC would get caught up in the increased enzyme activity, and excreted more quickly in your urine. Also free metabolites can be cleared by your kidneys or diffused into the gut.

Psyllium Husk: Bind Metabolites in the Gut

A source of fiber to bind metabolites in the gut.

Horsetail Extract: Increase Urine Output

In order to maximize your THC detox, you need to urinate A LOT. Horsetail extract acts as a diuretic, temporarily increase urine output.

The Only THC Detox Kit Developed by Pharmacists 

Green Gone has data supporting its effectiveness in real people. In fact, the product reduces the detection time for cannabis in half (or better) compared to those not detoxing.  The pharmacists responsible for the Green Gone THC detox kit went through 27 careful formulas before weighing in all the data, and settling on this final product.

It’s a THC detox kit for drug tests that has the numbers to support its effectiveness. They tested each recipe on real cannabis consumers taking actual urine tests. The team took a true data-driven approach to the development of Green Gone and didn’t use any potentially harmful or toxic cleansing ingredients typically found in other products.

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