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How Cannabis Provides Jobs

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The laws with marijuana have changed significantly in the last few years. Cannabis, which used to be a restricted drug, is now widely used for recreational as well as medical purposes. The best part is the positive effects cannabis has on the health of the users. Evidences have time and again proven the fact that using cannabis, many people have been able to achieve a better mental as well as physical health. However, legalizing of cannabis has not only helped in attaining a better lifestyle, it has also helped in increasing the number of jobs. Yes, the countries, which have legalized the drug, have more job opportunities as people are recruited for producing and processing the weed.

Know the Rules Regarding Cannabis Legalization

While smoking cannabis is still illegal in countries like Singapore and France, it has been decriminalized in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Yet, the laws for growing and smoking cannabis are not the same in all fifty states. Therefore, it is better to learn about the law of your state before smoking or growing weeds. You should also be careful about carrying weeds in aircrafts and should possess the necessary documents, when consuming cannabis for medical reasons.

Ways in Which Legalizing Cannabis Will Alter job Scenario

After conducting several research and surveys, experts have found different ways in which legalizing cannabis can help in changing the job scenario.

Ever Growing Marijuana Stock

According to the reports of the Pew Research Center, the mindset and opinion regarding legalization of marijuana has changed in the recent years. While only 12 percent people supported legalization of cannabis in the year 1969, 61 percent have vouched for it in the year 2017. The increasing support for cannabis has boosted its sale, which in turn have made a positive impact on its stock. It may sound unbelievable but many stocks have grown over 1000 percent and are certainly going to make a great impact on the job market.

National Legalization Would Increase Employment Scope

While the increase in the support for legalizing marijuana has lifted the stocks, national legalization of marijuana will increase the job scope rapidly. According to the reports of the New Frontier, an estimated 782,000 jobs will be created as soon as cannabis gets national legalization. The job scope is expected to become around 1.1 million by the year 2025. The reports further explain that the job scope would be increased as the vertical production process of cannabis will require more farmers, processors as well as retailers.

Positive Impact On Other Fields

Legalizing cannabis would not only increase job opportunities directly related to the production of the crop but also it is expected to make significant impact on other sectors as well.  According to the reports, legalizing cannabis and its sale across the country will give a boost to other industries like accounting firms, marketing agencies as well as consulting services.

Significant Benefit To The Economy

As per the reports of the New Frontier, legalizing the sale of cannabis would help in earning federal tax revenue of around 131.8 billion in a span of around 2017-2025. The figures have been calculated assuming a rate of 15% sales tax, business tax and payroll deductions. After making all sorts of deduction, the federal government will still earn a whopping amount of 51.7 percent by legalizing the sale of marijuana all throughout the country.

Is There Any Downside?

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Though there are several opinions backing the legalization of marijuana in the United States, it has possible downsides as well. There are several debates and discussions regarding the legalizing of marijuana for medicinal as well as recreational use. While there are a significant number of supporters vouching the legalizing of cannabis for health benefits, a large number of experts consider it to have negative impact on health. However, the negative impact on both mental as well as physical health can be avoided if users make a controlled use of marijuana and follow the dosage instruction carefully. Whether it is legalized nationally or not, overuse of marijuana can lead to several side effects. So, before legalizing cannabis nationally, it will be better to study the ups and downs carefully. Also, it is necessary to educate people about the downsides of overusing cannabis.

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