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How Many Countries Have Legalized Cannabis

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Cannabis have been highly politicized across the globe. Depending on the location of consumption, cultivation and distribution, there are different consequences for the same. Recreational weed has been legalized across various countries. Here is a list of all the places in the world where it is legal for you to consume cannabis for medical as well as recreational purposes. 

United States of America

Recreational usage of cannabis has been legalized across California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, The District of Columbia and Massachusetts. It is expected that the California’s market will have the maximum demand and will show a major economic boost over the coming years. California has the highest demand of cannabis legally and also across the illegal market because of the difference in price in both the markets.



Amsterdam is famous for the friendly cafes that give you access to weed and there are more than 250 such cafes. They are known as coffee shops but they allow individuals above 18 to indulge into recreational weed intake. The good thing is that tourists are not required to prove their Dutch residency in order to induce in weed. If you prefer smoking outdoors, you can do so in Amsterdam. If you look at it technically, weed is not legal in Netherlands but it is so common that most authorities tolerate it. However, the coffee shops have permits which makes it possible for them to continue their business.


One country where cannabis laws are fuzzy is Spain. It is currently legal to consume the drug in private and the growing cannabis plants for consumption is excluded from criminal prosecution. Distribution of cannabis remains illegal although the laws are quite relaxed. There are more than 800 cannabis clubs where the membership is only available to the locals.

North Korea

It is legal to smoke, cultivate and sell cannabis in North Korea. You can grow as much as you want and sell as much as you want. There is no law that bans the consumption and sale of cannabis. Weed can be easily found here at a very low cost.


One of the first countries to develop a plan that legalizes the use of cannabis, Uruguay nationals can cultivate, consume as well as distribute weed without any worry. It also legalized the sale of recreational pot across pharmacies and there are sixteen pharmacies which have registered with the government already.

Recently, Uruguay experienced cannabis shortages. 


Although weed is not legal in Peru, it is pretty chill to possess cannabis for personal consumption. You are allowed to possess up to eight grams of weed at one point of time.


Jamaica has been connected with cannabis for a very long time but the drug was only decriminalized some time back. Adults can possess weed for personal use and the medicinal use has also recently been legalized.


Since 2001, medical marijuana has been legal in Canada. In addition, those Americans who are visiting Canada will also be able to buy and smoke weed legally while in Canada.


Portugal allows adults to possess and consume weed for personal use.


This country has a unique approach to weed. It is legal only if you are seriously ill and if you are an Australian. Their rules are very strict and any medical cannabis in Australia has to be imported.


Switzerland recently decriminalized the possession of cannabis if it is in small doses. Any strains that contain less than one percent THC is legal under the law.


This country is a leader in marijuana policy reform. The medical cannabis is free for the mmj patients in Argentina.


Technically, cannabis is illegal in Cambodia but the police might turn a blind eye if they see locals consume small amount of the weed.

Costa Rica

Cannabis are not criminalized but are illegal in Costa Rica. However, you can carry small amount of the same without facing any trouble.

Czech Republic

Medical cannabis is legal in the country and an individual can carry about 15 grams for their personal use. However, production and distribution are still a big deal here.

There are many other countries including Italy, Ecuador, Mexico, Estonia, Germany and Israel which have legalized cannabis.

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