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How To Find Cannabis In A Different Country

Kyle Sengboupha

This is my personal guide to find cannabis in a different country.

I start out by researching the country’s laws because as a traveller do you really want to be using cannabis where you could be jailed for life?  Do your homework and look into the laws.  Most southern American countries such as Peru, Uruguay and Columbia have cannabis decriminalized, so you may have cannabis but you might get the odd look from the locals.

          Now if you are travelling to a place where it does not have much access to cannabis paraphernalia I would suggest just buying it from your local bong shop from home and bringing it to you when you travel.  As long as the piece you are bringing has no residue of cannabis then it should be no problem.  If the airport security gives you a hard time always suggest that it is a gift for a cousin (Tobacco use only). 

          The fun part, now it is time to find the cannabis!  I always suggest going right to google and typing in “where to find cannabis in ____” the comments from reddit are accurate and will lead you in the right direction.  Another good place to look is Instagram and Facebook, most cannabis IGers use hashtags that are relevant to their cannabis use.  For example, #Perukush #peru420 #perucannabis
you type those into your Instagram # and you will be able to find recent photos.  Make sure the time on the photos are recent roughly (1 day ago or up to 3 days ago).  Send them a direct message and see if they respond.  If they do respond, they might not be in the same language so I would copy and paste their message into google translator and respond in their language.


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