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How To Make BHO Gummy Bears

Kyle Sengboupha

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a cannabis concentrate that can come in the form of budder, shatter or wax. This gummy recipe calls for BHO oil, which is a liquid with a slightly thick consistency. The butane is used to extract the cannabis oils, The extraction process is quite risky to both the producer and consumer. Butane is a volatile and flammable substance, you need expertise and proper equipment to handle it. Additionally the process of extracting cannabis oil using Butane will also turn harmful containment into concentrates e.g. pesticides and molds. So, make sure that sure that you source your BHO from a reputable and trustworthy supplier. 

Gummy bears are a sweet treat you can make right at home. For medicinal or recreational purposes you can also add cannabis to them. The following recipe is simple, quick and vegan friendly. 


The recipe asks for dried seaweed and you may ask why. Well, it’s because seaweeds are very nutritious and contain certain chemicals in them which cause liquids to thicken, become gooey and gelatinous. One of these chemicals is carageenan which makes food thick and stable and stable at different temperatures., like our gummy bears. 


Gelatin , some may not know, is a yellowish, odorless, and nearly tasteless substance made from animal parts. It’s found in Jelly, marshmallows and even gummy bears. You can check on the packets ingredient list. Most people have no problem with it, and that’s ’ s fine unless you are a vegan. Just so that we do not exclude any begins from this awesome treat we have provided an option for them in agar sea weed powder. 


The recipe below also comes with a bit of a twist, you can turn the gummy sweets into sweet sour gummies. How great is that? Of course, if that’s not your cup of tea, you can just skip those final steps. Or you could only turn half the gummies into sweet sour gummies, and have the best of both world’s. No matter what you choose, you will definitely enjoy the treats. 


What you need

  • 1 – bowl of water  
  • 1 – empty bowl  
  • 1 – gummy molds  
  • 1 – freezer bag 
  • 1 – dried whole seaweed (optional if using gelatin instead of Agar) 
  • 1/4 cup – sour sugar  
  • 900mg – BHO oil  
  • 1/3 cup – cherry sugar flavor (or your choice) 
  • 1/2 cup – water 
  • 1/4 cup – agar seaweed powder OR unflavored gelatin 




  1. Start by adding dried seaweed to the bowl of water to soak and set aside 
  2. In the other empty bowl, add powder and water and mix well BHO Gummies Recipe 1
  3. Remove the soaked weed and add it to the powder water mix 
  4. Microwave 1-2 min until it mixture foams 
  5. Remove dried seaweed 
  6. Add flavor by pouring in the cherry sugar or whichever flavour you chose and mix well 
  7. Add BHO oil BHO Gummies Recipe 2
  8. Mix well 
  9. Microwave another 1-2 min until it mixture foams 
  10. Pour into mold 
  11. Let cool in fridge 
  12. Add sour sugar to freezer bag 
  13. Remove gummies and add to bag BHO Gummies Recipe 3
  14. Shake well. 
  15. ENJOY BHO Gummies Recipe 4

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