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How To Roll A Cross Joint

Kyle Sengboupha

The cross is not only important to Christians, it’s also meaningful to us stoners. In fact, it’s the pinnacle of joint-rolling.

Made from two joints that burn at three ends, it’s a fun and unique way of smoking weed that’s been a great party trick for years. It’s got more popular in the last few years thanks to a memorable appearance in the classic stoner comedy movie Pineapple Express, starring Seth Rogan and James Franco.

So, if you want to emulate the film and honor the weed gods with a sacrificial smoke up, a cross joint is for you. And this article will give you a step-by-step guide to rolling the perfect cross joint. 

How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide 1

What exactly is a cross joint?

A cross joint is just that; a joint that’s the shape of a cross. Although they look difficult to make, they’re actually quite easy. It’s basically just one long joint with a smaller joint going through it at a 90-degree angle. Three ends of the joint are then lit while you inhale from the bottom end. The result is an impressive feat of joint-rolling engineering. 


What you’ll need to roll a cross joint

To roll the perfect cross joint, you’ll need the same equipment that you use to roll a regular joint, plus a few extra tools. Here’s your checklist:


  • Some nugs of your favorite strain of weed
  • A grinder
  • Two large rolling papers
  • A small rolling paper
  • A needle, pin, or bit of wire
  • A pair of scissors
  • A small piece of cardboard or roach paper

How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide 2

How to make a cross joint in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Roll a big joint

Roll a joint using the long (king size) rolling paper. Be sure to make it quite thick, as you will be making a hole in it and putting a smaller joint through it. Once you are more experienced making cross joints you can make this joint smaller and thinner, but for your first attempt, it’s best to make it nice and thick. 

When rolling the joint, make sure you don’t use all your weed. Use around two thirds so that you will have enough to make a smaller joint. Also, the use of a roach is up to you. It can help with the stability of the cross joint, but it is not essential. If you don’t usually use a roach when rolling your joints, you can get away without one here.

 How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide 3

Step 2: Roll a small, thin joint

Next, roll a thin joint using the small rolling paper. The idea is to make this joint as straight as possible, rather than a conical shape like most joints. This will help your cross joint to burn evenly and symmetrically. And remember to not use a roach for this joint, as it will need to be lit from both ends.

 How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide 4

Step 3: Poke a hole in the small joint

Right in the center, use your sharp tool to poke a small hole in one side of the small joint. Make sure the hole doesn’t go all the way through the joint, however. This hole will allow airflow through both ends of the small joint.


Step 4: Poke a hole in the big joint

Now you’re going to need to make a larger hole all the way through the bigjoint. You can use a needle, a bit of wire, a pen, or the end of an earring like us. Be gentle and slowly widen the hole until your smaller joint would fit it snugly.

 How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide 5

Step 5: Insert the small joint through the big joint

Once you have a big enough hole in the big joint, carefully insert the smaller joint through the hole by twisting and pushing it through. Make sure that the hole in the smaller joint is positioned so that it is inside the big joint and can’t be seen. This will ensure airflow through the smaller joint.

 How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide 6

Step 6: Reinforce your cross joint

Almost done. Before you spark up, however, it’s best to take measures to seal up your cross joint. You can do this by grabbing the other long rolling paper and, with the scissors, cut off the sticky strip. Then, cut this strip in half. Use each half to wrap around the cross diagonally, covering up any gaps between the two joints. You can wet your finger and stroke the sticky strip to help adhere it to the areas where it is needed. This will make your joint airtight, meaning it will smoke well and efficiently.

If you learn best by watching someone else, why not watch the king of cross joints Seth Rogan show you how it’s done:


How to light and smoke a cross joint?

Now that you have your perfectly rolled cross joint, it’s time for the fun part. Some people may say you need three lighters and the help of a friend to light these types of joints, but you don’t. You can simply put the joint in your mouth and take a flame to each end of the joint.

Just light the end of the big joint first, then hold the flame to the two smaller ends. Puff away as you light, and the joint should be burning from three ends in no time.

How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide 7

How to roll a cross blunt

If you want to roll a cross blunt, the process is pretty much the same as for a cross joint, you just use blunt wraps instead of rolling papers. Rolling cross blunts can be a bit more difficult because blunt wraps are generally much thicker than rolling papers. Here, it is important to use a very sharp tool to make holes in the blunts. And be careful not to rip the blunt wrap when making the holes. 


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