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Improving Cannabis Soil On A Budget

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Improving Cannabis Soil On A Budget

When it comes to growing cannabis in a plantation for either personal or retail purposes, you need to work out how to get or ensure that the soil you are using is healthy enough for the drug’s growth. Everybody would want to have fresh and new soil in their fields for growing cannabis. The only issue with that is that they are usually too expensive and you can’t really manage to get enough while on a strict budget.

Cannabis prefers a specific soil texture and quality. So, just any regular soil won’t work for you. For that reason, you will need to work out how you can rid your field of the poor-quality soils and get good- or better-quality soil while still maintaining a budget. This article will give you some amazing tips and tricks that you can adapt to ensure that you improve the soil quality of your field. Enough to grow some quality cannabis in.



If your field is situated in an area with the right climate and moisture, then using compost for your fields to improve its quality can be relatively easy. For without the right climate, then it might take forever for your compost to fully break down. Thus, delaying your plan to grow the cannabis plants.

Compost is also a good and cost-effective method to diversify and increase your soil’s quality and nutrients. The organic matter that you introduce to the soil has important nutrients that break down when compositing to both your plants plus the microbes in the soil. Thus, improving the soil’s fertility and quality.

Garden Waste Compost

Garden Waste Compost

You can also collect grass clippings and leaves which are in abundance in any field and absolutely free too and make garden waste compost with them. To prepare a garden waste compost, you simply need to collect the fallen leaves and grass clippings and spread them on top of your soil.

First, this layer will provide your soil with a conducive and humid environment for both the microbes, bacteria and even insects which will help to break the waste compost down. These broken-down waste compost then seeps into the soil and, in turn, adds to the soil’s organic matter and fertility altogether.

Taproot Plants

Taproot plants

You can also plant tap root plants in your soil if you see that it is compacted but you wish to plant the cannabis plants in the next season. Taproot plants like wild grasses will help to keep the soils healthy and fertile for the time that you won’t be using it. tap-rooted plants will help to break apart the compacted soil and keep it healthy. They will also ensure that the soil is breathable for the time that it will be idle which will increase the chances of microbes and other bacteria surviving and living in it. you will have ensured the fertility of the soil even when not using it.

Wood Chip Mulch

Tips on How to Improve Your Cannabis clay While on A Budget

You can also choose to add wood chips on top of your soil to improve your soil’s fertility and quality. You will need to spread the wood chips on top of your land to help improve the soil’s overall water retention capacity. Woodchips also provide a home for the microbes and bacteria that will break down the wood chips and provide nutrients for the soil. Wood chips also significantly reduce the chances of weed growth on your soil which is an added bonus.

Double Digging

Tips on How to Improve Your Cannabis S-o-i-l While on A Budget 5

Yes! It means exactly what it says. You will have to roll up your sleeves for this process and get dirty. It involves you digging through the soil that you intend to grow the cannabis plants. Then after that, you dig through the same area once more to turn the soil over again.

This method fluffs up the compacted soil and make it more breathable, allows air to easily get through it. it also makes it a lot easier for the soil to absorb nutrients, and water as well.

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