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Its 2018 You Don’t Have To Smoke It!

Kyle Sengboupha

Most first-time cannabis smokers can safely admit their first experiences were not at all what they anticipated. What with the burning throat, the inability to know the amount of smoke to pull or pretty much every other rookie attempt.

Those sure were the days. Even so, it is true that not everyone likes to smoke. Especially the ones with compromised lunch health issues. In the yesteryears, smoking seemed to be the only method of introducing cannabis into the body. But that is the yesteryears. Many new methods of administering the drug into the body have emerged and now, even the non-smoking folks can enjoy the rich herb.

Take a look at these awesome ways of administering cannabis other than smoking.



Vaporizing is currently taking hold as one of the most used ways of enjoying cannabis. With this method, you do not necessarily need to torch or burn the cannabis to reap its benefits. You only need to subject it to a controlled temperature, enough to vaporize its chemical compounds which do so at a much slower rate. The vaporized cannabis is a lot easier on the lungs. Plus, you also get to reap the full benefits of the herb as opposed to smoking where some of the herb parts are burnt and, thus, wasted.

6 Brilliant Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis Other Than Smoking It 1



Edible cannabis is also taking root in the market as an alternative to smoking. Cannabis-infused foods and drinks are taking the market by storm with marijuana edibles quickly and vastly expanding. Edible cannabis products are expanding so fast that you can now virtually infuse almost any edible with the herb and enjoy its benefits. The process of making the cannabis-infused edibles is also pretty easy. You can even make your own from home. You only need to be cautious of the dosing. Otherwise, it is as easy as spreading butter on bread.

6 Brilliant Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis Other Than Smoking It 2


Ingestible oils

These are basically the cannabis concentrates that are taken orally. Most ingestible oils come in plastic applicators or capsules. Either of which you can add to a meal or drink or consume directly. Ingestible oils, like edibles, can induce very powerful effects. They can, however, take some time before they kick into your system, so be very mindful of the dosage before take any.



Tinctures are liquids that are infused to extract cannabis compounds by using an alcohol to soak. Tinctures are applied directly under the consumer’s tongue. Unlike with infused foods or ingestible oils, tinctures enter the consumer’s bloodstream immediately. This allows for faster acting effects of the drug. The consumer also has better dose control with tinctures. They also come in multiple flavors, cannabinoid profiles, and potencies. All meant to cater to the consumer’s preferences.

6 Brilliant Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis Other Than Smoking It 3



You can also apply cannabis-infused lotions or balms on your skin to help localize the relief of pain, inflammations, and soreness. Cannabis topicals can treat these symptoms without any of the herb’s other psychoactive effects. Meaning, if you are looking to use the herb only for its medicinal purposes and still have a clear head, then cannabis topicals is the way to go.



In this method, cannabis concentrates are heated using a water-pipe attachment to form a flash vapor which is then heated intensely. The heater vapor has potent effects on the consumer enough to knock you off your feet. The heat source is usually a butane torch. Most people prefer dabbing as it discards most of the plant concentrates and you get the refined extracts. Dabbing also produces vapor which is easy on the lungs as opposed to smoke. Dabbing may not necessarily be the first go-to option especially for the first-time users. But graduates in the cannabis world should try it.


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