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Jackie: Colon Cancer


I had started having abdominal pain in 2007. It would only happen 20-30 minutes after I ate a meal, I shrugged it off as nothing major and went about my business.

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In July of 2010, I was in the ER with severe abdominal pain. Once again, it happened about 20-30 minutes after I ate. The attending physician told me that he needed to “pop my hood & check my oil.” He told me that I had a cyst on my ovary, prescribed dilaudid, and sent me home.

Later that month, I once again find myself in the ER in another town with severe abdominal pain. They did scans, ran a lot of tests, and determined that I had colon cancer.

Eight inches of my colon and a 7.2 cm tumor were removed from my ascending colon. I did 18 rounds of chemotherapy, with many medications to follow.

I had been a recreational user of cannabis for over 20 years, and a firm believer in it being better for me than any “man-made” drug. Now, with cancer, I was prescribed several medications for pain: Lortab, Percocet, and Oxycodone. Through it all, I may have taken 6 pain pills, I didn’t need/want them because I had cannabis!

I only took the Oxycodone one time, it made me very sick, which is something I didn’t need being sick already. So, I chose to go from a recreational cananbis smoker to using it to control my pain and nausea. Let me tell you, it was better than any medicine I had been given.

My oncologist was aware that I smoked and had told me to do what worked for me….that was fantastic! I started smoking white widow, 60% sativa-40% indica on a daily basis whenever I would start hurting and I felt great!

My team of physicians explained to me that my cancer was genetic from my birth mother and that it would come back, they just couldn’t say when or where. They also stated that my tumor had started growing inside me approximately 8-10 years before it was discovered.

Upon much research, I have learned that because I smoked cannabis, the growth of my tumor was slowed down dramatically and had spread nowhere. That in itself is amazing!!

The one thing can say about cannabis is that it saved my life! It continues to keep me cancer free (7 years) and keeps me off of “man-made” pharmecuticals! I am a very firm believer in the medical miracles of cannabis! LEGALIZE!

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