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Jeff: Chronic Pain


After a herniated disc pressed bone fragments into my spinal cord, I was told I would never walk again. Luckily, I have cannabis. 

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My name is Jeff and I’m 61 years old. I lived in Alaska for 35 years, working as a paramedic and on crab boats trawling to Siberia. Then moved to Oregon in 2014.

While I was in Oregon, cutting fire blocks for force fire, I felt a pain in my lower back and eventually had to go home early as the pain kept increasing throughout the day. The next morning, I woke in agony, 100% paralyzed from the waist down, laying in my own excrement because I had lost all motor control from the waist down.

I was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery for a herniated disc with fractured bone fragments pressing up against my spinal cord that were cutting off the blood supply and damaging my nerves!

I couldn’t walk. I had no balance!

I spent 28 days in the hospital and endured intense physical therapy. When I was released, in a wheelchair, my doctor said I would probably never walk again and certainly never work.

As good fortune would have it, at the time I lived with a cannabis grower. We grew high CBD strains of cannabis: Charlottes Web and AC/DC! I taught myself how to make the oil and started taking it at night before I went to bed. I saw my doctor one more time 30 days after discharge….and I never saw him again!

I tossed out the dozens of pharmaceutical drugs that I was given in the hospital and for the last 2 1/2 years I’ve taken nothing but high strength of CBD that I grew and made into oil myself.

Today, I just got off eight hours of working on a hemp farm outside of Ashland, Oregon! On my own farm, I continue to grow Charlotte’s Web and AC/DC for myself and about 2 dozen patients.

In the near future I hope to have a 5 acre farm where I will grow hemp and medical cannabis to make into oil to continue this amazing journey of spreading abundance and health to as many people as possible!

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