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Jennifer: Epilepsy


CBD stops the seizure in under a minute. This was not just unusual, it seemed, to me, IMPOSSIBLE. But, it happened every time. 

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My name is Jennifer and I had my first SEIZURE at nine-years old. These happened in one huge cluster and I had to be airlifted to hospital. I flatlined twice on the way there.

I was given Tegrotol to get things under control, then slowly weaned off. And I was good until I was 18. That’s when I started having, what I thought were, anxiety attacks. These progressed until I had a tonic-clonic (convulsive) seizure and was rushed to hospital. This is when they determined that the “panic attacks” were actually simple-partial seizures.

Electrical Activity of Seizure

Image Credit: Kateryna Kon

I was prescribed meds and sent on my way. This is where things get fuzzy for me..I know I have changed meds at least 4 times. What happens is that I build a tolerance and the seizures then become more and more frequent until they switched me to a new med.

I have bad side effects: tired, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, weight gain.

Depressed Teenage Girl Sitting on Floor

Image Credit: Stanislaw Mikulski

I seem to be building a tolerance to my latest med more quickly than usual. This is why I decided to try CBD oil. Over the past week, I had a period of 4 days with on and off seizure activity. My girlfriend gave me CBD oil each time and it STOPPED the seizure in under a minute. This is beyond unusual. More like IMPOSSIBLE!!

Cannabis Leaf Against Black and White Background

Image Credit: Rikesh Attadip

I have a lot of learning to do about CBD – I don’t know how to take it daily (what dose, for example), I don’t know if it actually will be able to prevent seizures. What I DO know at this point is that it stops them VERY quickly.

Cannabis has opened my mind and allowed me to believe in healing my body more than any medication I could ever take.

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