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The Ability To Live In The Present Was Taken Over By This Pain in My Hip


Here’s the story of a cannabis consumer who found relief from terrible him pain.

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a) Highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury.
b) Mental suffering or distress.
c)  An annoying or tedious person or thing.
d) Great care or trouble.

About six months after a work accident, I felt like someone shoved a sword into my hip. I would get vibrations that would not go away, they would manifest into an annoying-pain vibration as though the sword was being twisted.

The daily things I took for granted (walking, sitting, sleeping) were constantly being affected and my pain became unmanageable. Just the thoughts of pain would transcend into feeling the pain and the neurosis took over the quality of my life.

The ability to live in the present was substituted with dealing with pain levels at the moment. I was unable to enjoy hunting, fishing and gardening from the result of my pain. I was always trying to get comfortable, that’s all I could do, constantly shifting the pain, especially when I was sitting on hard surfaces.

I had a synthetic disc put in my back and was told by my surgeon that there is no pill to cure my pain, just a pill to band-aid it. I did take 800 milligrams of Gabapentin a day, other pain pills and used alcohol to help with the pain but the most comfort I have found is in cannabis.

I use different strains through out the day to control the pain levels, if the pain is bad enough. I use a vape, pipe or I will roll before going to sleep and will smoke again in the middle of the night to go back to sleep if needed.

I have a lot of scare tissue and arthritis which the cannabis helps with. Since I’ve started cannabis, it has lead me back to being able to enjoy fishing and hunting again.

Medical cannabis has allowed me once to enjoy the things I took for granted and to live in the present; I guess that’s why they call it a gift. My opinion is if everyone was able to grow their own medical cannabis the only people would get hurt is the pharmaceutical industry.


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