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Kasse: Migraine, PTSD, Cancer


“Cannabis has given me freedom from my sickness and has give my life back to me.”

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My story with cannabis started 17 years ago with this incredible migraine. I had been laying in a darkened room for 2 days, blind, in fetal position, having used all of the Excedrin that I could.

On the third day, my cousin came into my room and asked how I was doing. I was in such pain that I could not respond. He came very near to the bed and told me to just breathe. I thought he was joking, as that is what I had been trying to do. With the pillow and blanket over my head, the small cavity that I was using to breathe started to fill with a smoke. I was in so much pain I had no choice but to just breathe it in because I could not move.

In a few minutes, the smoke had cleared and my cousin was gone. As I was laying there mad that he just? hot boxed me, I started to feel the pain ease. About ten minutes later I was sitting up on the side of the bed. I could not believe that what had just happened – three days of pain gone in ten minutes!

I have used cannabis ever since to stop my migraines.

Fast forward to today – I have been diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma. I have been using cannabis to relieve the symptoms of my sickness. In fact, it is the only thing that has relieved the blood pressure and other related symptoms. I have been using it full time for 9 months now. I have found no other medication from my doctor that can do what cannabis can within my body.

Another major benefit is that my PTSD symptoms have all but disappeared. I’m starting to live a normal life again – able to go out and do crowds, able to have conversations with complete strangers and not be so freaked out. I’m able to go with my wife for small drives and for small walks into the Hills and to just start enjoying life with her again outside of my condition.

I go today for my second meeting with the doctor to see how far my cancer has progressed. I’m pretty sure it’s gone because when I started this journey 9 months ago I was in a wheelchair and now I can walk with my wife through the store and down the street.

I mostly use Indica strain as I like the sedative and calming effects it has for my PTSD. Blue Dream is one of my favorite so far. I usually take my cannabis by vaping but I am partial to using the flower either in a tea or edibles.

My life has changed so much from what it was a year ago that I’m not the same person. All I want to do now is to help people know the benefits of a clean and healthy lifestyle and the important use of cannabis within our lives as a true medicine.

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