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My Arthritis Would Keep Me In Bed


I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed without cannabis.

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I have a genetic condition called HEREDITARY HEMOCHROMATOSIS. It’s a fancy way of saying my body doesn’t metabolize iron.

Unfortunately, I was not diagnosed until my late 30s and this led to an acceleration of arthritis in my body (CPPD). Another fancy term, this time meaning I have calcium deposits chewing at my joints. It hurts a lot.

I haven’t been able to walk or drive myself for a few months now…and my body also doesn’t tolerate any NSAIDs. Not even baby aspirin…which means I have opiates or cannabis for pain control options.

I chose cannabis.

Does it erase the pain? No…I’m well beyond that. However, I am 100% functional mentally because of my pain control choice of cannabis and NOT opiates. I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed without cannabis. Cannabis is also what I credit for the fact that I do not have any organ damage at all, which is a hallmark of this condition.

For me, the mix of CBD and THC is very important…topicals help dull the pain from the outside, consuming it both helps my body heal and lowers my pain response. The last time my body had this high level of pain legal cannabis wasn’t an option for me due to where I lived at the time. Now it is, and I’ve been able to avoid taking leave from work this time, as opposed to the 6 weeks of leave I needed in 2015.

Cannabis is my medicine.

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