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Kim: Herpes Simplex 1


After decades of painful 10-day cold sores, cannabis stopped this herpes problem.

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My immune system isn’t very good, never has been. All my life, I would get run-down, then break out in the most gruesome cold sores.

I did finally find a prescription that worked if I put it on at the first tingle. It would get rid of the cold sore in 7 to 10 days. Amazing, I thought. As long I keep one dose (4 pills) on hand at all times, I’m going to be fine. Well, this time I ran out and when I went to renew, found out the prescription had expired! Tomorrow morning, I think. No big deal. I’ll just see the doc in the morning.

Well, in the morning, I wake up with a throbbing monster of a cold sore. In a panic, I start applying my marijuana stick to it. Well, wouldn’t you know…it worked! By day THREE it was gone! Normally, it takes 7 days minimum.

This is a long, drawn out story about a cold sore but I just wanted you to understand how I suffer with these things. They take over my whole life when they come on and my face! For a long time.

Listen, this cannabis is incredibly effective and no more meds needed! Also, it keeps the pain away completely. I’m very impressed and happy!

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