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Chronic Migraine GONE After I Realize Rec Smoking is Stopping Them!

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I started using cannabis recreationally and notice how DRASTICALLY reduced the frequency and intensity of my migraines were.

Hi everybody! My name is Kody.

I got my first MIGRAINE in seventh grade and was hospitalized for it in Minnesota. At first, the doctors thought it might be a mild stroke because I lost nearly all function in my right side. I proceeded to get these migraines about every six months. I have had EKG, MRI, CT scans. The works. And they couldn’t find anything.

After a few years, the migraines started to get more frequent – averaging two big ones every week. With daily chronic headaches.

When the frequency picked up doctors put me on so many migraine meds and anti inflammatory meds that i don’t recall the names of. They didn’t help at all. So they switched the meds to seizure meds. These didn’t seem to help except slow the frequency slightly. Topamax and Sumatriptan are the most recent ones.

I started using cannabis illegally several years ago. This was for my recreational enjoyment, but I noticed that cannabis DRASTICALLY helps my headaches and migraines (for some reason as long as it isn’t purple. Purple makes it worse).

Recently I got my medical cannabis card and started vaping.(since Minnesota doesn’t have flowers or edibles yet which also makes our prices extremely high). I have found that CBD helps the frequency of the migraines incredibly and stops the progression of one if I can catch it in time. THC helps with the pain of both the migraines and headaches.

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