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Lawrence: Rotator Cuff Injury


Even though I live in an illegal region, cannabis is worth it.

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My name is Lawrence and I started using cannabis after I damaged my rotator cuff while working as a contractor for the federal government. I needed surgery and my doc told me not to go back to that work (digging, setting forms, and pouring/finishing concrete) for at least one year.

Fresh out of surgery, I had a pain ball taped to my chest about the size of a baseball. That ball was actually a surgical tube filled with pain medication that dripped the medication into my shoulder by small plastic tube. After a few days it was removed and I was given Percocet. And then a year’s prescription to Percocet.

It worked great for the pain but the side effects were terrible – started itching all the time. Then I started getting the shakes. I also had no appetite. This “perfect drug” was taking a toll on my body. So I turned to cannabis…

On cannabis, I started to give a crap about things again and the pain was almost gone. I felt it just enough to remind me not to use my recovering arm.

Back then I was living in a state that threw possessors of a single roach or seed into prison. So, I can’t tell you which strain I took, but it was good, and grew fairly densely under my newly purchased 400W grow light. It was an early purple turner.

What works best for my pain was using a water bong.

I now use cannabis to slow down and think, it stops my heart palpitations and after 40 years working in the construction field, it helps with this miserable CMC pain.

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