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So Many Drugs Over The Years – But Now I’m Done


“Weed came through and cured me from all of it.”

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I was first inspired to share my story over a year ago. I started smoking herb and dropping psychedelics (voraciously) in 1969 at Huntington Beach. Learning the medicinal qualities of herb happened young and was reaffirmed regularly.

psychadelic background

Drugs Were Big in My Town in the 60s

My town was a hotbed all through the 60s and 70s, when it came to 60’s culture. Riots, demonstrations, drugs, ANYBODY could walk into the Taco Bell in Laguna Beach, Ca., and buy 20 tablets of Orange Sunshine, or Purple Owsley LSD for $10. You’d have to take a walk down the stairs to the beach and stand at the water. If you were uncool, the acid was tossed into the water.

There were also many strains of cannabis going around, and I was right there, always helping my friends out. And strangers, if they had a good vibe.

So, of course, there was plenty laying around, and weed became a cure all for most ailments. If for no other reason than it made us feel better.

cannabis has cured me of asthma


Strep Throat and Asthma Teaches a Lesson About Cannabis Medicine

At 16 yrs old, my friend and I had strep throat at the same time so he stayed at my house. We were miserable and reading Lord of the Rings at the same time. On the third day I was totally Wiggins. Whenever I caught a bug, it was accompanied by chronic asthma. Asthma was a big part of my life, as there wasn’t a descent remedy.

I wanted to try smoking herb. Couldn’t hurt. So, we smoked a bowl of bud. My lungs screamed. It felt like I inhaled needles at first, briefly, then numbed. My lungs cleared with a hocking out a bunch of crap. I felt like I’d come to the surface of the water after being under too long. The swelling in my throat went down and pain disappeared. In fact, we hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. Strep throat. It hurt to swallow my own spit.

We were at the fridge within 20 minutes. I remember starting with chocolate pudding, all of it. And ending up with cold fried chicken, and I was a vegetarian at the time, lol.

Cannabis is Good Medicine

There are so many stories. And that’s why it took so long to get on this. It’s SO important for us, as a whole, to reintroduce cannabis into our lives for SO many reasons..

I suppose that the recent “discovery” linking cannabis to schizophrenia sort of frosted my chestnuts. I’m familiar with, and support the idea of utilizing cannabis in some form, in some way, to screen our population for those with the schizophrenia. Early detection, exposure.

There have been many drugs over the years. Heroin took many years from me. Alcohol put me in MANY holding tanks across the Southland.

Weed came through again and cured me from ALL of it.


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