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Medicine Without Prescription

I’m 77 and I use Full Spectrum Hemp oil daily. I add a dropper full to my morning coffee and after five days I noticed I had lost the musular aches and pains of old age. Full Spectrum is oilly so I add International Delight flavored creamer. I prefer the Irish Cream flavor, but there are several other flavers to satisfy the individual taste. It is amazingly the best relief I have found. I have stopped taking the prescription chemical poisons from the drug companies and now use only Cannibus products. When I smoke Marijuana it gets me high, but for pain relief I stick to theĀ  high CBD Hemp Oil. I think burning the CBD takes away much of the healing powers. I first discovered it when my old Labrador started have joint pain and was not able to run a play anymore. After giving him a dropper full each morning and another each evening, after five days he too began to play like a puppy. So, the point is this; You can spend your money on prescription poison, or you might find relief, as i did, in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Before you discount its healing powers at least buy a bottle and try it. Our government is run by those seeking personal profits and they will not remove the truly outlandish law forbidding research of Marijuana. Reminds me of a movie script line; “Stupid is as Stupid does”. Thank you for your time in reading my short story.

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