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Mel: Dental Pain, Healing, and Depression


There is something a little fantastic about shocking your doctor with healing sooner than expected… thank you cannabis!

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I found cannabis many years ago, but at first it was only recreational. Then I realized the medicinal benefits. As a personal choice, and after much research, I decided to stop using pharmaceuticals.  Cannabis works better for my mental health than any anti-depressant ever did.

Xray of teeth showing inflamed wisdom teeth

So, this past December, I had a routine dental check-up just before Christmas and was advised that a wisdom tooth needed to be extracted. I decided to wait until after the festivities as it wasn’t really bothering me and I love eating.

In the days leading up to the procedure, my usual joints weren’t really touching the pain. Not even a lovely strain of Girl Scout Cookies could help me! The infection had just built up to some point of no return, so, I decided to try something else. I got hold of some whole plant extract CBD tincture, swirled it around the affected sit,  and felt an instant lessening of the pain.

The actual tooth extraction was straightforward and required no sutures. I, however, felt like I had been hit with a bus!  Once the anaesthetic wore off, I swirled the tincture around the site and again felt some instant relief. I also used a THC vape for those first 24-48 hrs. It was a light lemon haze. It made me much more relaxed and helped me sleep.

Over the next week, I used the tincture 4-6 times a day and a balm 2-3 times a day. I needed the balm for lower jaw pain sustained during procedure. I went back to see the dentist a week later and she was stunned at how quickly the area was healing. I continued to swirl for another few days until it completely healed.

I continue to use the tincture and balm as part of my daily routine.  The balm is amazing as a skincare product. I use it on my face and neck, and it has reduced the lines around my eyes and mouth. I also apply to hands and feet at night to reduce swelling and pain caused by early arthritis.

When the product is running out and new stock is scarce, I have to prioritize use and I can feel the difference immediately.

My fave strain just now is Stardawg.  I went to Amsterdam for 4 days with 2 of my girlfriends and we smoked 31 different strains. I still couldn’t wait to get back home to the dawg!

It makes me so sad that this awesome plant is so widely villified!

Cannabis therapy for the mind body and soul.

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