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Multi forme glioblastoma…and still alive

3 years ago, one week before my 55th birthday, the doctor walked into my hospital room and informed me that I had three to five years to live and tumors would reoccur because I had stage 4 multiform a glioblastoma. My first thought was you are not God and thousands of people prayed for me. I believe that that was key to keeping my spirits up and to my healing. But when I arrived at home my son handed me a pipe with marijuana in it and said smoke it. When I refused he handed me a pile, a huge pile, of paperwork documenting the success of marijuana slowing or stopping tumor regrowth. I began smoking 3 Puffs every single night as well as taking temodar for five days every 28 days. I have remained tumor free and I’m still alive and doing well. I know for a fact the marijuana helps me through the 5-day cycle because one time I went without the marijuana and threw up 8 times in 24 hours during my cycle. That is the only time that that has happened. As for whether it works or not for the tumors…. All I can say is I’m still alive and doing great. I believe that God is helping me stay alive and he gave us this plant in order to use it for medicine.

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