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Myths About Cannabis Grown Outdoors

Kyle Sengboupha

Outdoor cannabis plants have, over the years, gained popularity thanks to their great aromas, flavors, appearances, and effects. Even when you consume clones of the outdoor cannabis grown plants, you still get a kick out of them. Definitely better than the indoor grown cannabis plants might I add.

For thousands of years, cannabis flowers were exclusively grown outdoors. But over the years, circumstances have forced most growers of the flower to use substandard outdoor growing conditions or even move the grows indoors in their efforts to avoid being discovered.

5 Myths About Cannabis Plants That are Grown Outdoor 1

But all that is changing with many states now legalizing the growing and use of cannabis. The outdoor-grown plant is easily coming out of the shadows to thrive in the best and ideal conditions. Take a look at these five myths concerning the outdoor grown flowers and how this article provides the facts to debunk them.


Outdoor grown flowers aren’t top-shelf cannabis

A patently untrue idea. This idea started having its way when outdoor grown cannabis was vulnerable to state law enforcement. And the growers had to harvest, cure, and ship the plant in sub-optimal conditions and circumstances to try and avoid being discovered. Practicing outdoor growing of cannabis made it more difficult to hide the practice as compared to the indoor planting of the plant. And the outdoor growers had to harvest early as well for fear of their farms being raided. The curing process of these flowers was also cut significantly short and buds tightly packed into shipping containers for surreptitious transport. This is what reduced the quality of the outdoor grown flowers at the time.


Outdoor grown cannabis is less flavorful

Again, very untrue. Outdoor grown flowers can just as well be as terpene-rich as the indoor grown ones. And if not so, then probably more. Indoor grown flowers are, furthermore, also incapable of demonstrating the same unique flavor and aroma profiles as the outdoor grown flowers. These factors are dependent on the growing location of the flowers, elevation, soil, climate, and more. Conditions which are not easily achievable for the indoors grown flowers.

5 Myths About Cannabis Plants That are Grown Outdoor 2


Outdoor grown flowers are likely to be affected by pests, mildew, and mold

A false statement. States have developed different testing requirements for these issues to ensure that they are avoided at all costs. So, the issue of pests, mold, or mildew in the cannabis you are going to buy should not worry you. States like Oregon, require that all cannabis products are extensively tested for any solvents, microbiological contaminants, and all kinds of pesticides.


There’s nothing special about the outdoor grown flowers

Cannabis has, over the centuries, been able to evolve and work synergistically with the growing environments that are suitable for it. And from this study, you realize that most of the strains do incredibly well outside. Especially the landraces. And one simple fact is that it is impossible for any indoor growing system to recreate the exact immensely complex ecosystem which the outdoor-grown cannabis plants enjoy. Take, for example, the indoor grow lights which consume excessive energy for one part. All that, and more factors are missing in the indoor grows which makes the outdoor flowers more authentic and natural compared to the indoor grown plants.

5 Myths About Cannabis Plants That are Grown Outdoor 3


Outdoor grown plants are less potent

This particular myth sprouted during the time when outdoor farmers used to situate grows under shade trees. They did this while trying to avoid DEA flyers from spotting the plants during inspections. This practice significantly reduced the plant’s potency and structure and soon earned the outdoor-grown herbs a bad reputation as some consumers labeled it as “ditch weed.”

Luckily, outdoor cannabis growers no longer need to hide the grows anymore. As some states have now legalized the growing and use of the plants. So, the outdoor growing of the plant is now in compliance with the law. You can now expose your flowers to full sunlight without losing any sleep. And allow them to grow and reach their full potential in terms of bud formation, cannabinoid, terpene content, and structure. And if you haven’t already noticed, the demand for the outdoor-grown cannabis plants is steadily on the rise.

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