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Odor Control For Cannabis Stink

Lydia K. RN
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Cannabis is a pungent plant that leaves many complaining about stink. Odor control paint has hit the market and it could be the best thing that ever happened to your stinky apartment.

Have you ever moved into an apartment and after several rounds of clean up, you still cannot get rid of a certain smell? Well, smell no more, odor control just got really easy with Ecobond Odor Defender Paint.

Cannabis Resin and Residue Can Create a Smell in Your House

One of the biggest downsides of smoking and growing cannabis inside is getting rid of the pungent smell left behind. It is a nightmare that affects landlords left to deal with the stink before renting to the next tenant.

Odors from pot smoke build up on walls, caused by resin and combusted material residue. This creates an unsafe indoor air quality situation that could compromise the health of individuals living in the house. Further, data from the American Lung Association indicates that second-hand smoke, from cannabis, may contain some of the toxins and carcinogens found in tobacco smoke. Combust anything, and you’re going to get these compounds.

Odor Control Paint Will Take Care of All The Stink

A 2016 Gallup poll found that over 40 million U.S. adults report they regularly smoke cannabis. This means problem potentially affects up to 15,440,000 households.

In response to this, a Colorado-based company, called ECOBOND, has invented a paint that can absorb the smell of cannabis; it’s called the Odor Defender. This paint contains a compound from seaweed that is a powerfully absorptive.  And just to dial up the kitsch, Odor Defender sports a green superhero cartoon and boldly lists ‘marijuana smoke’ as the first “alien to be tackled” by his paint.

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The Dangers of Third Hand Smoke

Eric Heronema is the product manager for ECOBOND. He explains that part of their mission is dealing with third hand smoke, which is a relatively new concept, still under research. Unfortunately, the current research does not bode well, even for people living in former smoker’s residences.

According to the National Institute of Health: thirdhand smoke happens when residual smoke pollutants are re emitted back into the gas phase, they react with anti oxidants and other compounds in the environment to yield secondary pollutants. When inhaled by a third party they are as detrimental as first or secondhand smoking is.

Third hand smoke also appears as a residue from combusted materials that sticks to walls and other surfaces for long periods of time. In an interview with West Word, he states, “There have been studies that show third hand smoke can be every bit as dangerous as smoking or secondhand smoke. It can re-emit to the air from the floor, from carpeting and from walls.”

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How Effective Can A Paint Be On Odor Control?

The Odor Defender paint contains many compounds. This one actually comes from seaweed. Heronema call it “nature’s best absorbent.”

The pland can soak up and remove pollutants, such as ammonia, bacteria, organics, and heavy metals from waste water. This makes it a phytoremediatior – a quality it shares with hemp. These are also able to absorb third party smoke from walls or from within the environment.

Further, ECOBOND conducted a test where they lit cannabis and other smoking products and exposed these to drywall. The smell on the dry wall after was very strong. Then they painted the wall using the Odor Defender paint and painted other walls with other brands of paints. After using just one coat of Odor Defender, the smell completely disappeared. The other brands in the test did not fare as well.

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Where Can You Buy Odor Control Paint?

ECOBOND is in the initial stages of marketing Odor Defender. Heronema reported that the company had reached out to a number of stores. The product is also available online on Amazon.

Other Options for Cannabis Odor Control

Further, if you don’t want to repaint your home, some other odor control options do exist. From simple methods like blowing out a window, (or just going outside), to other alternatives like buying a “sploof” or (making one with our instructions), there are lots of options for the consumer. Recently, scientists even came up with odorless cannabis to solve the issue.

Lydia Kariuki

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