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Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate May Get A Boost From CBD And Laetrile

Matt Weeks
Ovarian cancer survival rate improved by CBD

One woman’s story of alternative treatment could mean amazing news for ovarian cancer survival rate in patients. Science is watching.

A recent study, published in Gynecologic Oncology Reports (2019), tells the story of a woman treating her cancer with CBD oil and laetrile. The latter is an alternate name for amygdalin, a bitter compound found in the pits of apricots. If this story can be repeated, it has potential to change the ovarian cancer survival rate for good.

It begins with an 81-year-old woman at the doctor with a pain in her abdomen. She thought it was probably a hernia, as did her primary care physician. The doctor scheduled a routine procedure but when they cut her open, surgeons found something troubling.

Instead of the usual intestinal rupture, they discovered a tumor. Following that was a crushing diagnosis of advanced stage ovarian cancer.

Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Specifically, the octogenarian patient had low grade serous ovarian cancer, which is a somewhat rare type that comprises about ten percent of ovarian cancer diagnoses. What separates it from many kinds of tumors is that it’s largely resistant to chemotherapies.

Instead, many doctors encourage patients to undergo surgery to cut out the tumor, followed by hormone therapy. Luckily, ovarian cancer survival rates for this kind of disease are fairly high, although the risk of death is greater for patients whose disease has spread beyond the ovaries.

That was the case for our patient. At the time of detection, the progression of the cancer was significant. The surgeons sent her to a diagnostic imaging facility, where they discovered two solid masses and multiple instances of soft tissue masses.

In other words, the cancer had significantly metastasized. This wasn’t going to be an easy case.

ovarian cancer survival rate is less stressful for this older adult with doctor

A Brave Choice in Battling Ovarian Cancer

The patient went back to her team of doctors and received extensive counselling. She was told about the risks of surgery, the likelihood of success, the time of recovery, and the side effects of starting a hormone therapy regiment.

Doctors said it was going to be a tough road, but that it was survivable. She could — if she followed strict orders — beat the cancer and get her life back. Instead, she chose to skip it all.

At 81, she had only a few years left and she wanted to be pragmatic about things. She didn’t want to spend these last days broken, sick, and in pain. Instead of waiting for her body to recover from surgery, undergoing the mood swings and personality shifts that accompany hormone therapy, the patient took a different path and told the doctors she would live out her days as best she could without invasive medicine.

She chose quality of life over quantity. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t take the disease seriously.

ovarian cancer survival rate could see help from cannabis

An Alternative Course Against Cancer 

Instead, the patient opted for alternative medicine. After extensive research, she came up with her own therapy: Laetrile and CBD oil.

Laetrile is a non-FDA-approved substance found in plants and fruit seeds. It’s been anecdotally known to treat cancer; however it’s never undergone randomized double-blind tests. The little research available did show it to be little more than a placebo, but again — there were no serious tests on record.

CBD meanwhile, according to studies, possesses multiple abilities to fight cancer tooth and nail. Its anti-tumor properties are well-documented in the lab and with animal studies, even though the medical community still views it with skepticism.

A Surprising Result

After one month of treatment, her body had undergone a fantastic transformation. The Ca-125 levels (markers that doctors use to determine the severity of ovarian cancer) had fallen from 125 to 22, well within normal range.

And that’s not all.

Three months after beginning treatment, the patient sat for another round of diagnostic imaging. According to the results, the hard masses had shrunk. The soft masses were also smaller. In fact, any place the doctors found lesions seemed to be clearing up.

Three months after that visit, the cancer was nearly gone. Her daily dose of CBD and Laetrile had squashed the tumors to the point of near disappearance. One year later, doctors said she was clinically asymptomatic. The 81-year-old beat cancer. And she did it by defying standard medical practices.

ovarian cancer ribbon in teal colour

How This Squares with the Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate

Before we begin celebrating the end of ovarian cancer, it’s important to keep perspective. This case study exists solely because of its unique perspective. That doesn’t mean it’s not repeatable, but rather that we don’t know.

What we know is that this is an exciting development in the world of the ovarian cancer survival rate. If more people continue to experiment with CBD to fight cancer, we may see more and more cancer survivors — and perhaps learn more about how the endocannabinoid system helps manage the disease.

Matt Weeks

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