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Paul: Prostate Cancer


“Advanced prostate cancer mutates after being on the drugs for so long and it grows back. When you run out of drugs, you run out of time.”

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My shit storm started in July 2007. You’re never prepared enough to ever hear the words “it’s cancer.” Even after weeks of testing and going to different labs and “centers”. Surgery to remove the mass was successful, but traces still got into my body and blood.

This cancer is unique – it mutates after so long of being on the drugs to fight it and it starts growing once again. Each time it mutates, you have to change drugs to beat it back down. When you run out of drugs to try, you run out of time and it will kill you. This is what makes advanced prostate cancer is so deadly.

My prostate cancer has mutated 4 times now. The last time was 18 months ago. It had spread to both lungs, and was I given a very dark prognosis. I was put on a clinical trial of chemo pill. Four pills a day along with 4 other pills known to fight prostate cancer (Zytiga). After the 3rd week of being on this trial chemo and trying everything there was to ease the stomach burn and be able to eat again, my oncologist ordered me to take cannabis. He was going to get me a medical card so I could buy it (wasn’t legal yet here in Oregon) and I refused it. The tax is $200 a yr here in Oregon for that card. I have friends I can get cannabis through, I wasn’t going to have the state tell me if I could try to cure my cancer or not, let alone pay a fee for it.

With nothing left to try, a friend gave me some oil and flower. I had been in burning pain for 3 weeks, trying everything there was to just ease the pain a little so I could eat, play, walk my dogs, just function and nothing helped. So, I put a drop on my finger of cannabis oil and ate it, and took two hits (just 2 hits) from the flower my friend had given me. Within 3 mins the pain in my stomach was GONE! GONE!!! Now, here’s where my anger comes in. Our misgovernment KNOWS CANNABIS WORKS for many things, yet they still are being bought off by huge pharma companies impede legalization. I see each state in a battle to legalize cannabis and it’s sickening as a person fighting cancer KNOWING it helps, and the cries fall on deaf ears. There comes a time you have to say “be damned with the law, when you know the law is wrong and corrupt”.

Six months after being on this chemo trial, Zytiga, and cannabis, the cancer in both lungs is gone! GONE. Did the cannabis help kill the cancer? Probably. What I do know is thatit kept me on the drugs. Without cannabis, the pain the drugs caused was too great. I was going to go off them. So, I know cannabis is saving my life.

As I write this, I glance over at my 11 yr old Westie dog who has cancer and was told by three different vets that she would die within 3 months from. The only thing she taking are: cannabis oil, turmeric and prayers. We started giving her about 1/4th of an adult dosage of cannabis oil at night, along with one teaspoon of turmeric in her food. It’s been 6 months and she isn’t even showing signs of sickness. I don’t have to take her back to the vet for them to tell me what I already know – she’s still alive.

My dog and I are enjoying life fully when we’ve both given a very limited time. We have already past those numbers. I don’t need our misgovernment to tell me cannabis works or doesn’t work. When you are fighting for your life, be dammed the laws that are wrong, and the mind blinded people who follow and try to enforce. This is my life, the most precious gift there is and I’m not going to have a “bought and paid for government” tell me I can’t fight for my life (and my dog’s).

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