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Portland Police Can’t Find Enough Cops To Pass Drug Test

Nicholas Demski
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The policies around cannabis at work are causing at least one police department to be low on recruits.

According to CNBC, 2018 was a huge year for the cannabis industry. The United States saw it grow into an $18 billion industry, and 2019 is expected to see that double again. According to Grand View Research, the legal cannabis market will expand to nearly $150 billion by the year 2025. That’s why it’s strange to hear about the demonization of cannabis at work.

Can An Employer Fire You For Consuming Cannabis?

If an employer fires you for cannabis consumption—even if it’s not during work hours—there’s not much recourse. Cannabis is still federally illegal which means the law is on the side of the employer. Even the most progressive of states have sent cannabis cases to their Supreme Courts. The result: you can be fired for consuming cannabis, even if it’s for documented medical reasons with a valid recommendation.

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Treating cannabis consumers as second class citizens in the workplace has begun to backfire, however. For example, in Portland, police departments are struggling to find new officers. That’s because a plurality of them are failing the background check when it comes to cannabis consumption.

As a result, Portland Police are suffering a shortage in their ranks. While some are blaming anti-police sentiment, it’s no surprise that the city that has led the charge on legalized cannabis can’t find police officers who haven’t used it within the last year. Now, however, it seems the city may be opening its doors to recent cannabis consumers. They’ve proposed eliminating the hard-line on cannabis consumption. After all, if they can consume alcohol outside of work, why not weed?

Are There Any Safe Workplaces For Cannabis Consumers?

Recently, the New York City Council sent a bill to the Mayor’s desk that would prohibit pre-employment drug testing. Originally introduced back in February 2019, the bill will effectively allow people who consume cannabis to more easily find jobs. Prior to this legislation, employers could screen out cannabis consumers before even giving them a go at the job.

That was their biggest mistake, there are lots of ways that cannabis consumers exceed at work. Of course, finding the right atmosphere is crucial to functioning as a cannabis consumer in the workforce. A job in Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Denver might be someone’s best bet for a cannabis-related job. But that’s not exactly doable for everyone.

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Top Jobs For People Who Want To Consume Cannabis at Work

There are some jobs where it is not only safe to consume cannabis at work, it might also be in your best interest. Let’s take a look at six awesome jobs for cannabis consumers, in no particular order.

  1. Ranger at a Golf Course

If you don’t frequent the golf course, you might not know about the job of the Ranger. Their role is, basically, to drive the course to make sure water jugs are filled, to rake unkempt sand, and to make sure players are following the rules. However, if that’s your job, who’s to stop you from drawing off a vape pen when behind the trees on number three?

  1. Budtender/Cultivator/Processor

If you work in the cannabis industry, you might be lucky enough to find an employer who lets you consume cannabis at work. Not all establishments allow it, but it’s worth a shot. After all, you need to know the product to sell it.

  1. Writer, and other artists

Writers often work from home. This gives them unlimited freedom to consume as much or as little cannabis at work as they please. Of course, this could be said for anyone who works from the comfort of their pajamas while influencing cannabis lingo. Graphic designers, artists, musicians, photographers – you name it.

cannabis, police, medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, state legalization, federal prohibition, cannabis consumers, workplaces, employers, fire, workplace regulations, discrimination, writer

  1. Professional Athlete

According to USA Today, a lot of professional athletes use cannabis. A lot. Topicals help with pain relief and performance without opioids. Smoking and edibles can also help with pain relief, and with relaxing after a big event.

  1. Farmer

Being up early in the morning might call for a zesty lemon cultivar or an infused granola bar before feeding the horses. Baling straw in the afternoon might need a powerful hybrid. An evening of mending fences after a long day might find a farmer wanting a strong indica. For farmers, there’s no end to the work, which means using cannabis at any time is using cannabis at work.

  1. Surf Instructor

Of course this makes the list. There is probably no more iconic position to hold as a person who is allowed to consume cannabis at work. In fact, some might question your qualifications if you’re not.

What are your workplaces’ cannabis regulations? Are you struggling with unfair rules?

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