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Hemp CBD Is Amazing and Far Cheaper Than Prescriptions


For 4 years I’ve used hemp CBD for a variety of conditions (PTSD, migraines, bipolar 1 and anxiety) and it’s worked beautifully and with zero side effects. I’ve seen thousands of people helped by it as well in our community. The price is extremely affordable if you do your research.

Why do we now have a 32k plus a year overly synthesized prescription with added things not needed or beneficial?

We were already figuring it out ourselves and don’t need a pharmaceutical over a natural. I spend 30 dollars a month on my usage and 30 on my daughter'(Tourettes, OCD, anxiety, ADHD).

Honestly, who can afford 32k a year? It’s absurd and pure greed. Keep doing our own thing Americans! We do just fine on our own πŸ’šπŸƒ