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KOAL 2oz CBG Oil (1000mg) Peppermint

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KOAL CBG Oil by RxLeaf is a broad spectrum oil made from natural ingredients. These include terpenes, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids. All work together to boost the therapeutic potential of CBG. Every bottle contains 500mg broad spectrum CBD and 500mg CBG isolate.

CBG is a rare product in the cannabis space because it’s a rare cannabinoid. In fact, CBG makes up only about 1% of the overall cannabinoid content in a hemp plant! This means it is difficult to extract enough to make a product affordable. RxLeaf has solved this problem by mixing CBG isolate with a broad spectrum CBD oil. As a result, customers get the wellness benefit inherent to accessing the synergy of the different components of hemp, plus the CBG.

Something else that is important to us, especially right now as we look to support American-made products, is that the KOAL line is made with American-grown organic hemp. You don’t have to worry about cheap imports or unwanted chemicals. It’s the real deal, grown right here.

We can’t wait for you to try it! Please leave your review in the comment section below.

SIZE 60ml
FLAVOR Peppermint
INGREDIENTS Organic MCT oil, peppermint flavoring, 500mg broad spectrum CBD, 500mg CBG.

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