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Aspartame with Full Spectrum Hemp Honey


A deliciously sweet blend of aspartame and other sweeteners made with hemp extracts. You’ll love each powdered sweetener enriched with the world’s first un-infused hemp honey. Bee-Fuse™ Technology is a patented process that employs bees to process full spectrum hemp extracts into a rich honey. Then, an all-natural, room temperature process dehydrates the hemp extract honey into a powder. No added heat and no added chemicals preserve its natural goodness. 

Hemp You Can Feel™ Aspartame has no hemp taste and will never cloud your beverage. Bee-Fuse™ Technology creates a natural product that is 100% water soluble, 100% THC-free, and easily absorbed into the body. 

25 packets in each box of hemp honey aspartame.

Importantly, the company practices ethical beekeeping. There are no unhappy bees here! Additionally, this non-GMO hemp is grown and produced in the U.S.

Hemp You Can Feel™ is a trademark of Cannabis Global, Inc.
Bee-Fuse™ is a trademark of Phyto-Pharma International Ltd.


SIZE 1.15 oz/32.15 g
SUGGESTED USE Try in your coffee or tea, or even in baking! These are a delicious substitute for anywhere you would use sweeteners.
INGREDIENTS Dextrose, Aspartame, Hemp Extract Honey From Bees, Powdered by Bee-Fuse™ Technology, Non-GMO Starches.
LAB REPORT CBD Vegan Gummies 25mg Each

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