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CBD Non Alcoholic Cocktail Mixes – Hemp You Can Feel™



Hemp You Can Feel™ non alcoholic cocktail mixers are a delicious and relaxing alternative to alcohol. Based on unique bee technology using honey-infused hemp extracts, these cocktail mixers provide a level of relaxation you can truly feel. And all of this without any of the adverse effects of alcohol. Unfortunately, there is conclusive scientific evidence that there are no safe levels of alcohol consumption. But, two Hemp You Can Feel™ cocktails will deliver the relaxing effect of consuming one mixed alcoholic beverage.

What is Hemp You Can Feel™?

Basically, this is an incredible new infusion technology that uses the native behavior of bees to create all-natural, chemical-free, totally water-soluble hemp extracts.

Bee technology is at the heart of this delicious CBD non alcoholic cocktail. Indeed, all innovative Hemp You Can Feel™ products start with bees consuming hemp oil. Then the honey-stomach system takes over and processes the hemp. It is a special stomach with natural enzymes that break down hemp into a water-soluble, sweet substance — a sort of CBD honey.

Finally, the hemp-infused honey becomes powder. A unique, patented process dehydrates with low temperatures and no additional chemicals.

Generally, most hemp CBD products start with a solvent-based extraction process to pull out cannabinoids, terpenes, and other organic compounds. This puts the consumer at risk for contaminated products. Then the risk increases when crude extracts must go through a second process, adding more chemicals, surfactants, or preservatives. This is to improve water-solubility, emulsion, and shelf-stability. Finally, a chemical-laden product infuses into foods, drinks, and other CBD edibles. Fortunately, this is a company that does things differently.

Hemp You Can Feel™ knows CBD infusions don’t need chemicals and additional ingredients. Thanks to bee technology, there is a new way to infuse edibles and drinks with the relaxation of hemp extracts.

How to Use Non Alcoholic Cocktail Mixers by Hemp You Can Feel™

Simply mix either one or two ounces of the Hemp You Can Feel™ non alcoholic cocktail mixers into a glass with ice. Add filtered or sparkling water plus your favorite garnish. Stir or shake then enjoy.  

These cocktail mixers are made with premium, organic ingredients, with no artificial colors or preservatives. The exception is the skinny version of the classic cosmopolitan cocktail. There is simply no way to make a skinny cocktail with only all-natural ingredients. As always these hemp infusions are the cleanest on the market.

SIZE 237 ml/8 fl oz
SUGGESTED USE Combine 2 tbsp/ 1.0 oz with ice and 12 oz sparkling water. Shake and enjoy.
INGREDIENTS Water, cane sugar, organic lemon juice, and essential oils, citric acid, hemp extracts with less than 1 mg of hemp extract per serving, honey from organic farms, organic inulin from vegetables, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), organic hibiscus extract, organic peppermint extract and trace amounts of organic coconut oil.
LAB REPORT CBD Cocktail Mixtures

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