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Today I Choose to Treat My Addiction Naturally And I Remain Free

Why do addicts risk their lives on a daily basis “to escape reality”? Well, maybe people who ask this don’t have a reality they need to escape.

Over the years of going in and out of rehabs, hospitals, and prisons AND observing people who I found myself in the company of, there are two recurring themes:

ONE: There is Some Type of Trauma

Most often in some form of abuse. Most often as a child. People self medicate their ills and most often do it unconsciously. Looking back, it is very easy to see my trauma. I was in a car accident that left me barely alive and in a lot of pain, with a new rebuilt face, and a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It was life altering. After that moment, I did everything I could to destroy that memory and pretend it never happened. But guess what? You can’t delete part of your life.

TWO: A Need To Avoid Feelings

In order to break the cycle, I had to spend some serious time sober and force myself to think about the things I had tried to hard to avoid: FEELINGS.

I had to feel that pain and just grieve. And cry. And loathe myself. What I learned is that once you feel it all the way through, you can make peace with it. As best you can.

A good indica is great to ease my PTSD. Especially at night.

Todays mantra: Today I choose to treat my illnesses naturally. That way I stay free!

Gary Zubris

Well what can I say? I'm a recovering heroin addict. And every other substance addict. Thanks to a brain trauma brought on by a drunk driver when I was 19. That was 1990. I finally have just over 3 years clean from that whole lifestyle. I was on my way to a very successful life, but fate had a different plan. I needed to spend the next 25 years of my life after that point in pain trying to destroy myself and that memory. But guess what? You can't. From rehabs, to hospitals, to nut wards, to jails, to prison, to sober houses, to halfway houses....from the PA mountains, to the PA city streets, to the suburbs, I've lived it and learned a lot. About the nature people and psychology, and about addiction. This is not stuff you find in a book. Well there is obviously to me, no other reason for me to be alive but to try and help other's not see the places in life I've been to. No normal person should have to witness that stuff. I want to help other people NOT hurt like I did, or many of the people and families affected by overdose deaths. There must be more than one path available. Addiction is not a one-size-fits-all kind of problem. One of the ways I choose to beat addiction is medical cannabis. I will detail my struggles trying to reintegrate. They go on daily even after 3 years clean. I want to be the hope for many who feel hopeless. It CAN be done.

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